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Choose from the best joggers for your favorite sports and activities.
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With lower-limb garments for workouts, it can be a Goldilocks-type game. Leggings or tights can sometimes fit too tight or feel constricting, while traditional sweatpants may seem too loose or potentially impede movement.


Enter the happy medium between those two clothing items: joggers. Not quite as loose as sweatpants, nor as tight as leggings, joggers are the perfect pant for squats and strides with breathability and relaxed comfort.

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Browse some of the absolute best joggers on the market right now for each body and every type of workout.

Best Joggers to Try

How We Chose

We polled personal trainers and fitness instructors to find out which joggers they love to train in. We chose these products based on their criteria, including:

  • Durability, stretch, breathability and fabric softness
  • Extra features
  • Size range

A Quick Language Note

We make deliberate choices about the language we use when it comes to gender. While more brands now carry gender-neutral workout clothes, you’ll still typically see clothing brands market their products to men or women.

The main difference between most women's and men's joggers is the fit: Men's versions tend to be longer in length and roomier in the front due to physical differences. However, fabrics, quality and comfort should be the same between gender-labeled pairs. We encourage everyone to purchase the products that feel right for them.

1. Best Joggers for Men: lululemon City Sweat Joggers

  • Sizes: ‌XS to XXXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌men
  • Feature: ‌super-soft, stretchy fabric

When it comes to joggers that move seamlessly during exercise, Soji James, CPT, loves Lululemon's City Sweat Joggers. "I'm a big fan of Lululemon workout gear in general, and they make some of the best joggers I've ever tried," he says.


What makes these among the best Lululemon joggers? The soft, stretchy terry fabric that's naturally soft but also sweat-wicking and fast-drying for sweaty workout sessions. They also have several pockets, including a discreet back pocket, to stash keys or a smartphone.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $118

2. Best Joggers for Women: Vuori Daily Jogger

  • Sizes: ‌XXS to XXL
  • Labeled gender:‌ women
  • Feature: ‌slim fit through waist and hips

Jen Steele, RRCA-certified run coach with Another Mother Runner, likes that the Vuori Daily Jogger is "fitted enough [that] you can see your form while lifting or in a yoga class, but still hides sweat stains so you can head from the gym or your workout to run errands."



These bottoms are designed to fit like yoga pants on your waist (which is situated high), but looser throughout your legs for a non-constricting feel.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $58

3. Best for the Environment: adidas Essentials French Terry Tapered-Cuff 3-Stripe Pants

  • Sizes:‌ XS to 4XL
  • Labeled gender: ‌men
  • Feature: ‌made from upcycled materials

Not only are these Adidas joggers comfortable (thanks to their soft feel and adjustable drawstring), but the material is made from cutting scraps and post-consumer household waste to reduce the impact on the environment.


They're great to wear on cold-weather gym days, but are stylish enough to run a few errands or meet up with friends post-workout.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $35

4. Best for Sweaty Workouts: Ten Thousand Interval Pant

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XXL
  • Labeled gender:‌ men
  • Feature: ‌breathability panels with anti-odor technology

With quick-drying material, breathability panels and anti-odor fabric treatment, these joggers help ultra-active exercisers (and weekend warriors) move from one workout to the next with little distraction (and lingering aroma, so to speak).


"My favorite all-around joggers are the Interval Pant from Ten Thousand," says Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT. "As a personal trainer and powerlifter and marathoner, these are my one-stop-shop when it comes to joggers. I can run, jump, squat, cross-train and even get into a full-length lunge comfortably."


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $118

5. Best for Outdoor Workouts: Born Primitive Joggers

  • Sizes: ‌XS to XXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌women
  • Feature: ‌sturdy, dependable fabric

Despite the fact that these joggers are labeled as "rest day athleisure" pants, for Kate Meier, CPT, personal trainer and CrossFit instructor, they're her go-to for high-intensity Olympic weightlifting workouts.


"I have worn these for weightlifting, squatting and jumping," she says. "Plus, they're light and breathable, which is great for intense workouts."

The fabric can aslo take a considerable beating without ripping or fraying.

"[These joggers] have withstood being scraped up by a barbell more times than I can count," she adds.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $40

6. Best for Cold Weather: UA RUSH Warm-Up Joggers

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XXXXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌men
  • Feature: ‌infrared technology to help circulation

For Anthony O'Reilly, CPT, Under Armour joggers are his "go-to for comfort." These joggers have a bungee cord drawstring, so you can find your perfect fit.

Plus, these pants are designed with a special infrared technology meant to enhance your leg circulation. In other words, they're pretty insulated to help keep your lower limbs warm throughout the workout.


"If it were socially acceptable to do so, these would be the only pants in my wardrobe," O'Reilly says.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $67.97

7. Best for Gym Workouts: Virus KL1.5 Jogger

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XXXL
  • Labeled gender:‌ unisex
  • Feature:‌ damage-resistant fabric

Another one of Meier's favorites are the Virus KL1.5 joggers. These contain the brand's proprietary "BioFlex" fabric, designed to be sturdy when pitted against fast-moving barbells or gym machines.

You can also find plenty of zippers throughout the pants, including on the ankles for extra breathability, as well as the back and on either leg.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $92

8. Best for Running: Run in Rabbit EZ Joggers

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XL
  • Labeled gender:‌ women
  • Feature:‌ lightweight and soft

For both running and strength training, Steele is a big fan of the EZ Joggers from Run in Rabbit. That's because the fabric is particularly lightweight and snug-fitting, allowing the pants to move seamlessly through every running stride (and squat).

The EZ Joggers stay in place well with an elastic waistband and external drawstring, she adds.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $68

9. Best for Warm Weather: Vuori Performance Joggers

  • Sizes: ‌XS to XXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌women and men
  • Feature: ‌super-stretchy fabric

Heather Perren, CPT, senior master trainer with Lagree Fitness, uses the Vuori Performance Joggers during her fitness classes. "These joggers are so soft and comfortable," she says. "I don't even feel like I'm wearing pants. I own them in almost every color!"


The joggers contain the brand's special "DreamKnit" fabric, which is buttery-soft, lightweight, stretchy and moves alongside you — but still offers a loose, relaxed fit.

Buy (women); (men); ‌Price:‌ $94 (women); $98 (men)

10. Best for Storing Valuables: MUNICIPAL Training Camp Joggers

  • Sizes: ‌S to XXXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌unisex
  • Feature:‌ five pockets

With five pockets throughout the pants, the MUNICIPAL Training Camp Joggers can hold a variety of items — like gym cards and cell phones — without getting in the way of a workout.

"I love the MUNICIPAL Training Camp Joggers," says Mario Guevara, CPT, owner of PHLEXX Fitness in Los Angeles. "The material feels great, and they're perfect for long training days or for my early morning runs."

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $78

11. Best for Cold Weather: Knix Good to Go Jogger

  • Sizes: ‌XS to XXXXL
  • Labeled gender: ‌women
  • Feature: ‌soft and insulated

Rachel MacPherson, CPT, personal trainer and fitness writer, is a big fan of the Knix Good to Go Jogger for her lifting sessions. "I love [these joggers] for their roominess and cloud-like softness," she says. "They don't stick to the skin or get in the way [of my movements], and the wide waistband doesn't dig in."

The material is particularly sturdy, she adds, so there's a reduced chance for rips and tears in the weight room.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $46.75

12. Best Joggers on Amazon: Leggings Depot Women's Activewear Jogger Sweatpants

  • Sizes: ‌S to 3X
  • Labeled gender: ‌women
  • Feature: ‌budget-friendly

With over 66,000 five-star reviews, these Amazon leggings (which are available in 40 different colors) feature all of the hallmarks of a well-made pair of joggers — secure waistband, comfortable cuffs, soft fabric — but for a fraction of the cost.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $16.99

13. Best for Tall Adults: Best Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

  • Sizes:‌ XS to 4X
  • Labeled gender: ‌men
  • Feature: ‌longer inseams

In addition to accommodating a wide range of sizes (XS through 4X), the Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers feature "Tall" sizes — meaning the garment's inseam is between 34.25 and 35.75 inches in length. The pants feature fleece fabric to lock in warmth during cold training sessions and zippered pockets to secure essential items.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $110

4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pair of Joggers

1. Your Activities

As Meier says, the most important factor when choosing the best pair of workout joggers comes down to function. "I consider what exercise I'll be doing [when choosing joggers]," she says. "I use a barbell a lot in my training, which means it will be brushing up against the pants. So I need a durable fabric."

So, for high-intensity training, like weightlifting or CrossFit, a more durable fabric is ideal. For running or interval exercise, look for a pair of pants that's lightweight and quick drying. The softer, more plush fabrics are best for yoga, Pilates or walking, she says.

2. The Fit

A proper pair of joggers, no matter the exercise, will "fit well to your body, but not be so form-fitting that range-of-motion becomes limited," O'Reilly says.

That said, how snugly a pair of joggers fits against certain body parts (say, your waist or calf) typically comes down to personal preference. Just ensure the pants aren't so tight they cause discomfort or are so loose they impede whatever exercise you're doing.

3. The Waistband

Meier recommends looking for joggers that have the ability to make the waistband tighter, like a drawstring. This allows you to customize tightness based on your activity.

Not a big fan of drawstrings? Look for a wide and snug waistband to help keep your bottoms in place as you lunge, jump and jog.

4. Extra Features

"Zippered pockets are a great plus when looking for joggers," O'Reilly says. "Many now have pockets specifically designed for things like your keys and phone, which keep them from bouncing around during your runs."

But if possible, try to avoid bottoms with zipper pockets on the back. "It's a personal preference," Meier says. "Sometimes zippers get in the way while I'm exercising." And sitting onto a zipper pocket can be especially uncomfortable.

For those who like a little extra ventilation, look for joggers that zip and unzip around the ankles. Or, for those who want absolutely zero distractions, find a pair with tighter ankle cuffs, so you don't have to worry about the fabric getting in your way.



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