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You can get the Herschel hip pack in a variety of different colors.

For a long time, I resisted running with a belt bag. Even leggings with pockets weren't a requirement for me because I felt like there was no reason to bring all the extra "baggage" on my runs and workouts in the park. My workouts are sacred times to unload, if you will, and carry less.


Sure, I brought my phone for music and my keys, but I never carried running gels, a water bottle — really anything else.

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Then I became a mom, and it became more difficult to tote around less. Whether I was going for a run or walking my daughter to daycare, I always had extra snacks, a pacifier, tissues and hand sanitizer. I've learned the hard way that forgetting one small essential can trigger a total tantrum, summoning stares from onlookers — not ideal.


While there are many great running belt bags, my Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen Hip Pack has been a game-changer.

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Functionality and Features

This fanny pack is big enough to pack all the necessities, including snacks, headphones and your wallet.

This fanny pack doesn't look like the conventional belt bag and isn't designed with all the bells and whistles for running or even working out. But it has become my everyday bag and one of the best fitness accessories I've purchased in a while.


This nifty hip pack can be surprisingly versatile and compact, whether I'm heading to a HIIT workout in the city or doing a run-walk in the park. It's made with 100 percent sweat-wicking polyester, so it dries pretty quickly if I sweat heavily or spill my coffee, as I frequently do.

Although there aren't any smaller compartments, the large front pocket is pretty deep and has a carry volume up to 2 liters , according to Herschel Supply Co. What does 2 liters look like? Well, it can fit my medium-sized wallet, keys, AirPods, several snacks, a tube of Aquaphor and it still has plenty of room for other small items.


The best part is that I don't have to dig to find my things. When I use larger bags, I often need a minute or two to unbury my keys, but this fanny pack makes it more accessible. I can also easily snag my phone to skip a song or turn up the volume.


Even though this belt bag packs a lot of things, it feels pretty weightless. It weighs about half a pound and is only about 7 inches tall, 8 inches wide, so it's not bulky and flattens pretty easily.


I love that this belt bag also has an adjustable strap that makes it easy for me to wear it cross-body or around my hips. I personally like wearing it as a cross-body bag, even when running, so I can keep it close to my torso without it being a distraction on my hips and legs.

It comes in 21 different fun colors, including neutral shades and more vibrant, colorful designs. Mine is a classic ballad blue pastel, which has a softer effect yet brightens up my overall look. If you happen to get any stains on it, it's easy to spot-clean with water and a mild detergent, like dishwashing soap, and air dry.


Get Your Own Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen Hip Pack

I'm far from a fanny pack person, but this belt bag has definitely made me think twice about the value of owning one.

Now I wear mine every day and can't wait to take it everywhere I go, including fall hikes and bike rides.

Don't take my word for it! Get your own Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen hip pack and enjoy hands-free runs (even the Target kind).

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