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Asics Cushion Low Cut
Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultra-Light Cushion Sock
Stance Run Uncommon Solid Crew
Feetures High-Performance Cushion Quarter
Balega Hidden Comfort
Bombas Performance Running Ankle Sock
Balega Hidden Contour
Smartwool run targeted cushion low ankle socks
To find the best running socks for you, consider factors like breathability, sweat-wicking fabrics and no-fall heel tabs.
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When it comes to running, your socks are almost as important as your running shoes. After all, tossing on a pair of plain old cotton socks can leave your feet blistered and bleeding after a long workout.


Trouble is, searching for the perfect running socks can be overwhelming. How thick should they be? What material? How tall do you want your socks to be?

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Like the best running shoes, the best running socks are different for everyone. And runners often have their personal ideas on what makes a good sock.

How We Chose

To help you narrow your search for the perfect running socks, we asked experienced runners for their favorite pairs based on first-hand experience. All of these choices have been tested by runners putting in the miles. We chose the final picks based on the following:

  • Fit
  • Cushioning
  • Style
  • Durability

Here are nine of the best running socks money can buy.

Manufacturers typically market socks according to gender, so we have listed both women's and men's picks below. Generally, men's socks are available in larger lengths. So, people with bigger feet may want to opt for men's versions (when applicable), whereas people with smaller feet may prefer women's versions (when applicable). However, some companies make unisex sock sizing, so make sure to read the product label before you buy.

1. Best for Breathability: Asics Cushion Low Cut

Asics is a go-to shoe for many runners, and its workout socks are somehow cloud-like ‌and‌ breathable, says Sarah Klein, CPT, Editorial Director at


Plenty of lightweight socks for runners feel too thin, but not these, Klein says. This sock offers plenty of comfortable cushioning. These have a thinner heel tab (the fabric designed to protect the back of your heel from rubbing against your shoe), too, that keeps your sock from slipping off but doesn't feel too snug in the back.

Regularly $10, these socks are also several dollars cheaper than other leading running socks, so stock up.


Buy; ‌Price:‌ $10

2. Best for Durability: Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultra-Light Cushion Sock

Runners who push the limits need a sock that can go the distance with them. The high-quality stitching on this snug, light and supportive Merino wool sock is, well, ‌darn‌ ‌tough‌.



But if you do end up poking a hole in the sock, like Brooklyn-based runner Masha Portiansky did once after a fall, Darn Tough sends a replacement, thanks to their lifetime warranty.

Another bonus: The sock is antimicrobial, so it repels bacteria and odor. (But yes, you still have to wash them.)

Buy (men); (women); ‌Price:‌ $18

3. Best Crew Height: Stance Run Uncommon Solid Crew

This pricier sock is well worth the investment, according to Drew Reynolds, a runner and running photographer. "I've yet to have a pair rip out yet," he says. The sock has a durable, quick-drying synthetic material to wick away sweat.


In addition to this comfortable crew, Stance also offers over-the-calf, ankle, tab and no-show socks for runners who like a range of sock heights. And Stance Run is good for all distances — from 5Ks to marathons, Reynolds says.

Buy (men); (women); ‌Price: ‌$18-22

4. Best Ankle Length: Feetures High-Performance Cushion Quarter

An established brand in the running sock space, Feetures is a go-to for many runners, especially those who like the anatomical design. What's that? Feetures socks are left-foot and right-foot specific, which may offer a better fit.



Logan Yu, an avid runner with a 2:48 marathon and 4:22 mile, recommends the quarter (aka ankle) length in both thick and thin materials. "Some shoes tend to cut up my ankles, and I hate having a tiny piece of skin cold and exposed in the winter," he says.

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$15

5. Best Sweat-Wicking: Balega Hidden Comfort

This South African sock has a strong foothold in the running community. Balega offers seven lines of socks to choose from, including a kids' design. If you love a good cushion, the Hidden Comfort is the running sock for you, according to Associate Fitness Editor Bojana Galic.


As for the sweat-wicking ability? No matter which Balega line you choose, your feet remain dry and comfortable. "I never feel these socks shift inside my shoe, and they don't feel damp after a run," she says. "There's for sure some kind of magic going on there."

Buy it‌:; ‌Price: ‌$18

6. Best Compression: Bombas Performance Running Ankle Sock

This popular sock brand made a name for itself on ‌Shark Tank‌. If you like a hug around your midfoot, Bombas has much tighter compression than other socks for runners. The benefit? They don't feel chunky inside of your running shoes.


And you can feel good when you buy these socks: For every pair of Bombas you purchase, the company donates a pair to unhoused people.

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$16.50

7. Best Heel Tab: Balega Hidden Contour

Prefer a more fitted sock? Balega Hidden Contour is the way to go, Galic says. She loves the snug, compression feel in the arch and heel.

The supportive fit may also help with proper blood circulation, thanks to the positioning of the sock's elastic bands around the arch and mid-foot. And the super high heel tab is a nice bonus, according to Galic.

"I have really narrow heels and my socks slip into my shoe all the time," she says. "I never have that problem with this sock."

Buy;Price: ‌$14

8. Best Minimal Cushion: Smartwool Run Targeted Cushion Low Ankle Socks

This model is best for speedy track sessions in minimalist racing flats or for marathoners who prefer less (but not zero) cushion, thanks to its ultra-light and no-show design. When you want your shoes to take care of the cushioning, this sock is the best way to go, according to John Riccardi, an athlete and web developer for the North Brooklyn Runners.


Despite the barely there feel, these socks have a long life, thanks to the quality. That's a bonus considering they're nearly $20 per pair.

As for wicking, the Merino wool prevents the sweat from his feet from getting cold and damp during the winter months in Wisconsin, Riccardi says. "No one likes dank socks."

Buy; ‌Price: ‌$19

9. Best for Thick Ankles: Adidas UB22 Crew Socks

Image Credit: Adidas/ Creative

These socks from running shoe powerhouse Adidas are comfortable for all body types and don't cut in to your calves, despite their crew height.

"I have thicker ankles, and these are some of the only crew socks I've found that don't feel like they're cutting off my circulation," Jessica Campbell-Salley, Senior Fitness Editor for, says.

Campbell-Salley wore them during her first 10K and didn't experience any slippage or overheating, and reports that the cushioning is on point for such a middle-distance. "I've since bought two more pairs, as they're my favorite pair for runs now," she says.

Buy; ‌Price:‌ $11

4 Factors to Consider for Finding Your Perfect Pair of Running Socks

1. Sock Height

For the most part, sock height is a personal preference, according to Janet Hamilton, CSCS, registered clinical exercise physiologist and owner of Running Strong in Atlanta. But an easy way to narrow down your search depends on the temperature.

In cooler weather, Hamilton likes a pair of longer, quarter socks. These protect your ankles from brisk winds. Longer socks are also a better choice for trail running, she says. These can keep rocks or twigs from slipping into your shoe and sock.

But in hotter areas, she recommends ankle height or no-shows with heel tabs (more on that below) to avoid getting too sweaty.

2. Heel Tabs

Traditionally, Hamilton doesn't love no-show socks because they can slip down into your shoe, meaning you have to stop and readjust during a run. That's why heel tabs are a must.

This little piece of fabric on the heel of low-cut, no-show socks helps keep the fabric in place for a distraction-free run. Plus, they protect your achilles from rubbing and blistering against the back of your shoe.

Different socks have different heel tab heights, ranging from a pinky-width to a thumb-width in size. To find your perfect width, it's best to take several pairs on a test run (pun intended), Hamilton says.

3. Sock Cushion

Again, this one is personal preference, Hamilton says. She coaches runners that love a thin, second-skin feel, while others prefer heavy cushion socks. There's no right or wrong choice, necessarily. And it just comes down to trying several pairs yourself.

But one thing to keep in mind: Some extra cushion may be a bonus on a long run. During longer runs, your feet pound the pavement (or treadmill) for quite a while and extra cushion can feel more comfortable.

Similarly, a lot of speed shoes have a more minimal, sleek design. And cramming a thick sock in the shoe can feel too snug and heavy. So, for speed workouts, a thinner sock may be beneficial.

4. Sock Material

Running socks come in all kinds of materials, like wool and polyester and all have their pros and cons. Wool socks are great for cooler weather, since they dry quickly and keep your feet warm. Spandex and polyester are lighter, more breathable fabrics, ideal for hot temperatures.

But the number-one thing to look for in a fabric is one that wicks moisture. Sweaty feet are inevitable during a run, so you want a material that's labeled as either quick-drying or moisture-wicking, Hamilton says. Typically, you can find this in the product details for the socks you're considering.

Make sure to avoid cotton socks. Cotton absorbs moisture and doesn't dry too quickly — and you don't want to feel like you're running in puddles.

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