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The best fleece-lined leggings for your winter workouts should fit comfortably and be made with warm, stretchy material.
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If you enjoy outdoor workouts, you know they can lose a bit of their charm when the cold weather arrives. Dressing for winter runs, hikes and bike rides is an art if you want to stay warm — and one that requires some specific gear, including fleece-lined leggings.


Whether worn alone or layered under a second pair of pants, the best fleece-lined leggings are toasty yet breathable. They generally have a stretchy nylon outer layer and a soft, insulating polyester interior that work in tandem to ensure you'll stay comfortable in sub-zero temps.

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To find the best pairs around, we asked fitness pros and outdoor adventure specialists for their best recommendations — products they enjoy wearing themselves. No matter how you like to exercise or what features you generally look for in a legging, there's something here for everyone.

How We Chose

We chatted with experts across multiple athletic disciplines — run coaches, outdoor adventure pros, personal trainers and workout class instructors — to learn what they look for in a fleece-lined legging. To determine which were best, we considered the following criteria. You can learn more about how we cover products here.

  • A quick-drying exterior
  • A comfortable, four-way stretch
  • A soft, insulating interior


A Quick Language Note

We make deliberate choices about the language we use when it comes to gender. While more brands now carry gender-neutral workout clothes, you’ll still typically see clothing brands market their products to men or women.

The main difference between most women's and men's leggings is the fit: Men's versions tend to be longer in length and roomier in the front due to physical differences. However, fabrics, quality and comfort should be the same between gender-labeled pairs. We encourage everyone to purchase the products that feel right for them.

1. Best Overall: Lululemon Fast and Free High-Rise Fleece Tights With Pockets

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of versatile winter leggings that will last you for years, consider this pair.

Personal trainer, marathoner and Fhitting Room instructor Miriam Alicea, CPT, says her two pairs of fleece-lined Fast and Frees are great for everyday wear and just about any outdoor activity. She often runs in them and says they’re “super comfy and warm” and “hold up extremely well over time.”

Alicea also notes that the interior is softer than your average fleece and the plethora of pockets is perfect for holding all her gear.

“I store my phone, gloves and hand warmers in them while I work out,” Alicea says.

Lululemon also makes similar pants for men, and Fhitting Room trainer and run coach Ben Lauder-Dykes, CPT, says they’re perfect for his long winter runs.

“Despite being brushed on the inside for added warmth, these are really breathable, feel light and offer great protection from the elements.”

They also have reflective detailing for increased visibility and zippered vents for temperature control.

2. Most Size-Inclusive: Fabletics Cold Weather High-Waisted Legging

Generally speaking, Fabletics is very inclusive when it comes to sizing, and this cold-weather pant is no exception. So, if you’re looking for petite or plus-size fleece-lined leggings, these may just be the winner.

Offered in sizes XXS through 4X with various inseam choices, Jenna Serio, CPT, a trainer and fitness manager at New York Sports Club, says these leggings are one of the most worn in her collection.

“I love how these leggings move with you — you feel like you don’t even have them on. They stay in place as I move, and there is never the issue of them riding up or becoming uncomfortable during workouts,” she says.

The superior fit makes these leggings great for just about any outdoor activity, Serio says, noting that she’s worn them on their own as well as layered underneath other pants on particularly chilly days.

“The fleece is super warm. It’s like you’re wearing a comfy blanket,” she says.

Another plus is the quality of these leggings.

“I’ve had them for a little over a year now, and they wash really well,” Serio says. “I have a cat and a dog, and even with them jumping on me, the leggings don't have any pilling.”

Consider us sold! (FYI: Fabletics makes an identical pair with pockets, so you have space for your phone, keys, credit cards and more.)

3. Best Budget: FitsT4 Thermal Fleece-Lined Tights

Thanks to this budget buy from Amazon, you can look cool while staying warm this winter. Professional adventure photographer Jackson Groves says they perform well as a base layer or as leggings worn on their own.

“As someone who's always on the move hiking trails to capture the perfect photo, I need flexibility. These leggings don't restrict movement and always feel just right,” Groves says.

The pants' exterior wicks away moisture with ease, while the inside is fuzzy and insulating.

“When you’re pushing yourself, and things heat up, you don’t feel wet or uncomfortable. These handle sweat like a champ,” he says.

An internal drawstring ensures a perfect fit around the waist, and a big back pocket supplies a safe spot for a cell phone.

A sizing tip: Groves says these leggings are snug, so size up to ensure a comfortable fit. And if you’re looking for something similar for women, you’re in luck. The brand makes the same pants for those who prefer a slimmer fit.

4. Best For Running: Tracksmith Turnover Tights

When the temperature begins to plummet, Sean Fortune, CPT, a USATF-certified run coach and founder of Central Park Coaching, reaches for Tracksmith’s Turnover Tights

“They have a soft, fleece-like liner that doesn’t bunch up and adds just enough warmth. They never make me feel too hot on my runs,” Fortune says.

Tracksmith — which focuses specifically on running gear — sells the same pair for women, and both have handy features like pockets that can accommodate essentials like keys, credit cards and phones and are made with a quick-drying fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin.

5. Best for Hiking: Hot Chillys La Montaña Fleece Bottom

Hiking is all about getting back to nature. But the thing about the great outdoors is that it can be unpredictable. Sudden changes in conditions can bring temperature swings, rain, wind and snow, which is why it’s usually best to sport hiking pants when you’re on the trail. But a fleece-lined legging is the perfect base layer to wear underneath in the colder months.

Alex Eaton, founder of Lore Outdoors, an outdoor brand focused on teaching people the skills necessary to live a life outside, has long relied on these pants to keep him comfortable while backpacking, backcountry skiing and cold-weather camping.

While you can wear them solo (say, for a jog), Eaton says he generally layers them with other pants when he’s adventuring.

“The inside of the legging feels like the fuzzy, plush part of a sweatshirt. It’s very comfortable against the skin and provides plenty of warmth for alpine conditions. Best of all, they aren't overpriced and offer great value for how long they last. I've had my current pair going on six years now,” he says.

(Psst! Hot Chillys sells the same pants for women and kids, too!)

6. Best for Cycling: Athleta Altitude Stash High-Rise Polartec Power Stretch Tight

Fitness trainer Vanessa Liu, CPT, gives this pair her stamp of approval — and she’s just one of the more than 1,300 people who awarded these fast-drying, Polartec-lined leggings a 5-star review.

While these leggings are quite versatile, Liu notes that they’re especially great for cycling when it’s cold out.

“They’re what I reach for again and again when I bike during the winter,” Liu says. “I love that they have two large pockets so I can easily stash my phone and my wallet. I also love that there’s an internal drawcord to adjust the fit for my waist, so they don’t slip down while I’m sitting on my bike.”

Shoppers can choose between petite, regular and tall inseams to ensure a perfect fit at the ankle — something that’s vital when cycling so the extra fabric doesn’t get caught in the pedals.

7. Best for Alpine Winter Sports: Title Nine Cold Killer 2.0 Pants

If your winter pastimes include active endeavors like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, these Title Nine Pants may be for you. Somewhat of a legging-pant hybrid, these bottoms have a tapered ankle with a zipper to make getting them on and off over winter boots easier.

The front of the pants has a wind-stopper with fleece layered behind, while the back is solely fleece. Samantha Langlois, a certified running coach and cross-country ski coach, says this smart construction offers the perfect mix of breathability and cold weather protection.

“The wind-stopper makes a huge difference in the winter when running and skiing in the cold. The breathability and quick-drying fleece help keep me from getting wet and cold with sweat.”

Langlois acknowledges these pants are a bit of an investment but notes that they stand the test of time.

“I have two pairs, one of which I’ve had for 10 years. I wear them constantly in the winter, and they’re still as good as new,” she says.

8. Best For Skating: Mondor Figure Skating Polartec Leggings

No matter if you skate for fun or are trying to perfect your lutz jump, these fleece-lined leggings are ideal for wearing out on the ice.

“These are the warmest fleece leggings I have tried so far,” says Christie Sausa of The Skating Club of Lake Placid. “The external fabric is water-resistant, which makes these an excellent choice for skating, skiing and other outdoor winter activities, too.”

The sizing goes up to adult XXL, Sausa says these run quite small due to the thick pile.

Mondor makes similar fleece-lined pants for men, which you can shop here.

3 Factors to Consider Before You Buy

When shopping for fleece-lined leggings, Liu says there are four main things to consider.


1. Fit

Just like unlined leggings, fleece-lined leggings should feel comfortable — not too tight or snug, allowing for a full range of motion.


For safety reasons, leggings mustn't be too long. If you're on the shorter side, look for brands that cater to your height (such as Athleta or Fabletics), or take advantage of free tailoring from brands like Lululemon.


2. Materials

Generally speaking, leggings should be made from a comfortable, stretchy material.

"Fabrics labeled as 'four-way stretch' have the most elasticity. They will allow for optimal ease of movement because the fabric can stretch both lengthwise and widthwise at the same time," Liu says.


For fleece-lined leggings specifically, Liu recommends looking for something with a breathable, quick-drying exterior fabric.

"This will help with any moisture from a light mist or snowfall and also move sweat away from the skin to keep the wearer dry and warm. The interior fleece should be comfortable, soft and insulating — without leaving you overheated," she says.


3. Extra Features

Safety features like reflective detailing and things like pockets and drawstrings are all extras that may be helpful to you, depending on how you plan to work out in your leggings. Before purchasing, consider what features would be most beneficial during your workouts and adventures.



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