What Are the Benefits of the Schwinn Airdyne Bike?

A young woman is on an exercise bike at home.
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The Schwinn Airdyne is quite different from most exercises bikes. Instead of a flywheel and magnetic or friction braking, it has a large fan for resistance. Airdynes show up in gyms, but they're also suitable for home use. The design leads to several benefits to regular users.

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Total Body Workout

Like many elliptical and cross-trainers, Airdynes have handles you can push and pull to exercise your upper body muscles. You can use your arms and legs together to customize your workouts.


Instantly Variable Resistance

The fan means more air resistance than other bikes, so the harder you pedal or use your arms, the more demanding your workout becomes. This means you can instantly change the difficulty of your workout and work aerobically or anaerobically without having to alter any settings. This makes the Airdyne ideal for interval training. In addition, the fan creates a nice breeze that can help keep you cool.

No-Impact Workout

Activities that involve running and jumping can be hard on your joints -- especially if you are heavy or have ankle, hip, knee or spine issues. The Airdyne supports your weight, which takes some pressure of your joints.


Effective Calorie Burner

Using your arms and legs together uses a lot of calories, and the faster you go, the more calories you will burn. This makes an Airdyne a very effective weight loss and weight control tool.


Schwinn Airdynes are portable and have wheels to make them easy to move. This makes them ideal for home use. Although designed for indoor use, you can take it outside if the weather is nice.