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Adipex (also known as phentermine) is a powerful medication that is often used for weight loss. Adipex is only legally available with a prescription and can be rather expensive to purchase in a drug store or other pharmacy. As a result, many people choose to purchase this medication online. This medication is only available in the United States with a prescription, so pharmacies that offer this medication without a prescription should arouse suspicion.

Step 1

Visit a doctor. In order to legally order Adipex or any prescription medication, you will need a prescription from your doctor.

Step 2

Find an online pharmacy that carries Adipex in the dosage that you have been prescribed. A service that can provide listings for legal pharmacies with Adipex is

Step 3

Have your physician fax a copy of your prescription to the online pharmacy. Once you have placed your order, you will be given a fax number that your physician can use to send the necessary documentation to the pharmacy. Alternately, if you have a copy of your prescription, fax it to the pharmacy yourself.

Step 4

Select your payment method and shipping address. It is important to be careful when giving out your credit card and other information online. Only order from licensed online pharmacies. If you have concerns, see if other people have had problems using that pharmacy (

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