How to Repair a Tubeless Bike Tire

A man is repairing his bike tire.
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Tubeless tires come with a few wonderful benefits for those who enjoy a riding experience on less-than-flat ground. In mountain biking, for example, the use of tubeless tires allows for a lower PSI rating, which will greatly improve your handling and performance over the harsh terrains you will explore. Vernon Felton of Bike Magazine says lower air pressures, down to a certain point at least, "provide you with better traction and a small degree of suspension over rocky terrain." For natural trail lovers, this is what may be needed. Unfortunately, this type of tire is not fail proof, as puncture flats may happen throughout the course of bike riding. Fixing a tubeless flat can be done in a few steps.


Step 1

Mark the leak on your tire by drawing a circle around the hole with a permanent marker.

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Step 2

Rotate your tire so that the valve stem is pointing directly upward. Let your tire sit for 60 seconds in order to drain any sealant away from your valve stem.

Step 3

Rotate your tire so that the valve stem is facing directly downward. Drain the air from your tire. This will make sure that sealant does not leak out of your tire while deflating.

Step 4

Squeeze your tire walls into the center of the rim to loosen the airless locking system.

Step 5

Use a tire lever to pull one wall of the tire off of the rim.

Step 6

Rotate your tire so that the leak is at the bottom, closest to the ground.

Step 7

Pour the sealant from the tire into a container and set it aside.


Step 8

Use a paper towel to clean up and dry the area around the puncture.

Step 9

Dry the area around the puncture with a blow dryer or by exposing the site to the sun.

Step 10

Apply patch glue around the site of the puncture. Let the patch glue stand until it is tacky.


Step 11

Press a patch firmly over the hole on the inside of the tire. Let the patch sit for about five minutes to allow for proper bonding.

Step 12

Pour the sealant back into the tire.

Step 13

Push the tire wall back over the rim wall by hand. Push the center of the tire down toward the rim to force the edges of the tire wall to the sides of the rim wall.


Step 14

Inflate the tire to 60 PSI quickly with an air compressor to lock the tire into place.

Step 15

Deflate the tire and inspect the tire wall to ensure an even seal.

Step 16

Inflate the tire to the desired air pressure.

Things You'll Need

  • Tire patch

  • Tire levers

  • Small container

  • Air compressor


Be sure to keep the valve stem clear of sealant. This can cause problems when attempting to inflate the tire.

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