Side Effects of Curam Tablets

Physicians may prescribe the antibiotic combination medication containing amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate to treat a variety of bacterial infections. This combination drug, sold with the brand name Curam in Australia and other nations, functions by killing the infectious bacteria. Doctors prescribe Curam in pill form, and patients need to take the entire course of treatment for it to effectively kill the bacteria and stop the infection. reports that no serious side effects of this combination medication occur commonly.

Vaginal Problems

Women taking Curam pills may experience vaginal problems called vaginal thrush, states. She may have itching in her vaginal area or she may experience soreness there. She also may produce an unusual discharge from the vagina. MyDr, recommends consulting her doctor if these side effects occur in the woman's body or if they disturb her.


Curam pills may disrupt normal bowel activities when the person first uses the medicine. This generally results in diarrhea in mild form, indicates. Diarrhea or loose stools can produce the accompanying side effect of cramping in the abdominal area. recommends continuation of use of the amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate combination drug if the person experiences diarrhea or other non-serious side effects, but also recommends questioning the medical professional about their manifestation.

Stomach Discomfort

Taking Curam can cause several side effects related to the stomach. The person using the medicine may feel nauseous and may vomit. The person also may have a sensation of indigestion while first taking the medication. states these types of side effects associated with Curam tend to feel mild. Doctors expect them to rectify themselves without further medical intervention.


The use of Curam also may cause some pain in the person's body. He may get headaches when first taking it. He may feel pain in his abdominal region. He also may feel pain in his muscles, and the muscles may feel weaker than normal. The medication also can cause some feelings of pain in his back. None of these pain side effects classify as serious problems.

Oral Thrush

The person using Curam may discover patches of white in the throat or in the mouth, reports. This oral thrush usually does not classify as a serious side effect of the medicine, but the organization recommends asking the doctor about it.

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