Calories in a Burger King Iced Coffee

Cup of iced coffee
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Coffee typically contains few if any calories, but when you add sugar and dairy products to coffee drinks, the calories start to rise. Burger King offers three different kinds of iced coffee, and all three have added sugar and fat from dairy and sweeteners. If you are looking for a lower-calorie alternative, try Burger King's regular coffee with ice.

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Calorie Variations

The three varieties of iced coffee at Burger King -- regular, vanilla and caramel -- all have more calories than BK's regular coffee. For Burger King's regular iced coffee, a small has 130 calories, a medium contains 160 calories, and a large has 200 calories. The vanilla iced coffee has 140, 180 and 230 calories for a small, a medium and a large, respectively. Burger King's caramel iced coffee has roughly the same number of calories as Burger King's vanilla variety, except for the medium, which has 170 calories.


Additives and Alternatives

One reason for the relatively high calorie content of the Burger King iced coffee drinks is that all of them contain cream and sweeteners, which add fat and sugar to the drink. By contrast, Burger King's regular hot coffee, which has no added cream or sweeteners, has no calories. If you're looking for a low-calorie alternative to Burger King's iced coffee, order a hot coffee and add ice cubes.