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Is Cold-Brew Coffee Actually Healthier For You?

Cold-brew coffee health claims include lower caffeine and acidity from a process that simply replaces the heat of a regular brew w...

What in the World Is Fermented Coffee?

Brooklyn-based startup Afineur has created the first "cultured coffee" in an attempt to make coffee less bitter....

Is This Bizarre New Starbucks Drink Their Unhealthiest Yet?

Starbucks has turned from baristas to bartenders overnight with the release of their newest drink: The Espresso Cloud™ IPA. ...

Enjoy Your Coffee Today Because Your Kids Might Never Get to Drink It

A new study says that coffee might not be around forever and it turns out that millennials are to blame....

Is Starbucks' Strange New Drink a Holiday Miracle or Nightmare?

Starbucks just released a new, festive drink for the holiday season and it is a little strange if you ask us. ...

What Does Your Coffee Choice Say About Your Age?

Coffee preferences can say a lot about a person's tastes -- black or with cream, iced vs. hot -- but it can also say something abo...

Is the Most Expensive Coffee in America Any Healthier for You?

This new coffee shop may have just hit peak coffee-dom: they’ve concocted the most precisely made, pristinely sourced, expensive...

Your Starbucks Habit Is About to Get Worse With Their New Item

Starbucks has announced that they are expanding their offerings, adding an Italian ice cream drink to select store menus. ...

Why People Are Going Crazy for This $150 Thermos From Starbucks

This thermos that allows you to control the temperature of your coffee is flying off of the shelves at Starbucks....

Red Wine Coffee Just Combined All of Our Favorite Things

Red wine infused coffee beans are a new creation straight from wine country, but just much of a buzz will cup give you?...
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