How Many Calories Are in 7-11 Coffee?

Plain coffee is very low in calories.
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While 7-11's black coffee is a very low-calorie drink, its flavored coffee beverages contain added sugar and fat, making them off-limits if you're watching your waistline. If you can't resist a sweet morning brew, stick with the smallest cup size to avoid diet sabotage. Regardless of your weight-loss goals, it's wise to limit sugary foods and beverages to protect your overall health.

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Coffee Calories

Plain 7-11 coffee fits well into any diet plan, as black coffee only contains about 2 calories per 8-ounce serving. The count climbs with flavored versions, however. The same serving of 7-11 hazelnut iced coffee contains 60 calories, while a serving of mocha iced coffee has 140 calories. Coffee additives may also increase the calorie count; half-and-half contains about 20 calories per 1/2-ounce packet, and sugar contains 11 calories per 2.8-gram packet, or 16 calories per teaspoon.