Hazelnut Coffee Calories

A frothy cafe drink in a mug.
Image Credit: Viktor Pravdica/iStock/Getty Images

The complex flavors of roasted hazelnuts and dark coffee beans meld together in a comforting, steamy beverage. Although plain hazelnut-flavored coffee is a perfectly diet-friendly treat, be wary of creamers and frothy cafe drinks loaded with sugar.

Black Coffee

Black hazelnut-flavored coffee won't cost you any more calories than a regular cup of joe. At 5 calories per cup, it's a pretty healthy option.


Hazelnut Creamer

If you add a splash of hazelnut creamer to your regular coffee, you've increased the calorie count significantly. Just 1 tablespoon of dairy creamer has 35 calories. If you have to have your coffee milky, opt for hazelnut soy creamer with only 20 calories per tablespoon.

Stay Away from the Cafe

Frothing mugs of hot brew whipped up by a barista are almost certain to ding your diet. A 16-ounce hazelnut macchiato from a coffeehouse can pack 240 calories with 50 calories from fat.