How Many Calories Are in a Whole Pint of Vodka?

Clearly you don't want to sip on a whole pint -- or 16 ounces -- of vodka all at once. If you have several 1-ounce shots over an extended period of time, though, those calories will quickly add up. You should limit the amount of vodka and other alcohol you consume, since these beverages are full of calories and yet don't add any nutrients to your system.

The number of calories depends on the alcohol content. (Image: Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Reading the Label

You generally won't see caloric information listed on a bottle of vodka, but you will see the alcohol percentage, as well as the proof. Doubling the alcohol percentage gives you the proof number. A vodka labeled 42 percent alcohol, for example, is 84-proof. Each gram of pure alcohol contains 7 calories, so the higher the percentage of alcohol in your favorite brand of vodka, the higher the proof and the more calories you'll get.

40 Percent Alcohol

If your vodka is 40 percent alcohol, which is also labeled as 80-proof, it contains 9.3 grams of alcohol in an ounce. By multiplying the total grams of alcohol by 7 calories per gram, you'll get about 65 calories per ounce. A full pint of vodka with this alcohol content totals 1,040 calories.

45 Percent Alcohol

Opting for a vodka with a higher alcohol content, like a 45 percent or 90-proof variety, gives you 10.5 grams of alcohol from an ounce. This equates to roughly 73 calories per ounce. By consuming an entire pint of 45-percent-alcohol vodka over time, you'll add over 1,175 calories to your diet.

50 Percent Alcohol

Having a 50-percent-alcohol type of vodka -- or 100-proof -- offers 11.8 grams of alcohol in each ounce. This means that a 1-ounce shot contains a total of around 82 calories. You'll wind up with an excess of 1,320 calories by consuming what amounts to a full pint of 50-percent-alcohol vodka.

Other Varieties

Vodka comes in many different alcohol percentages. Sometimes you'll see more obscure amounts, like 47 percent alcohol or 94-proof. Vodka that falls in this range has 11 grams of alcohol, or 77 calories in a 1-ounce shot. This means that a pint of it adds more than 1,230 calories to your diet. Some types have a little less alcohol -- 43 percent alcohol, or 86-proof. In this case, an ounce has 10 grams of pure alcohol or 70 calories. By drinking a pint's worth over time, you'll get 1,120 calories in your diet, just from the vodka you drink.

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