Calories in Latte Coffee

A young woman holding a latte coffee.
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If you're in the habit of drinking a latte every morning, you may be consuming more calories than you think. A latte is made with milk, which adds more calories to the drink than a traditional cup of coffee, according to

Calories in Latte Coffee

According to dieting website, a 1-cup latte made with whole milk contains 67 calories and 2.75g of fat. A 1-cup latte made with reduced-fat milk contains 57 calories and 1.39g of fat. A 1-cup skim milk latte contains 47 calories and .37g of fat.

Increasing the Calorie Count

Adding whipped topping, a shot of flavored syrup or sugar will add calories to your latte. For example, 1 tbsp. of sugar adds about 50 calories to your drink, according to

Comparison with Regular Coffee

A cup of regular black coffee without cream or sugar contains 2 calories. One tbsp. of cream adds 50 calories to a cup of regular coffee.