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Mocha coffee contains more calories than regular coffee.

Mocha coffee is a delicious alternative to regular coffee, but many flavored coffees are packed with sugar and calories, especially with a whipped cream topping. Many versions of mocha coffee are available, including hot and iced commercially prepared varieties that have low-fat or nonfat milk ingredients, and instant powders for use at home.

Regular Black Coffee

For comparison, an 8-oz. cup of regular brewed coffee, without cream or sugar, contains two calories with no calories from fat, no cholesterol and no carbohydrates, according to CalorieKing.

Mocha Coffee

Mocha flavored instant powders are convenient--you just add hot water. A serving of 2 tbsp. of regular mocha powder contains 60 calories. Total fats are 2.06 g, carbohydrate content is 9.63 and sugars total 7.6 g, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture's National nutrient database. Two tbsp. of regular mocha-flavored powders contain 35 mg of calcium, 134 mg of potassium, as well as magnesium and phosphorus and 32 mg of sodium. A better option is to add 1 tsp. mocha powder to your coffee. With whitener and a low calorie sweetener, you will consume 16 calories with .85 g of total fat, 4.6 g carbohydrates and 2.2 g of sugar, according to the USDA.

Commercially Prepared Mocha Coffees

Commercially prepared mocha coffees are typically high in calories, even with nonfat milk. A popular mocha flavored coffee contains 187 calories per 16-oz. serving. Total fat content is 0.7 g with 43 g of carbohydrates and 33 mg of sodium, according to Calorie King. Using nonfat milk and skipping the cream, iced mocha from a major coffee chain contains 173 calories per 16-oz. serving with 7 mg of cholesterol, 36 g of carbohydrates, 27 g of sugars and 87 mg of sodium.

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