Calories Burned in a Vibration Workout

A whole-body vibration workout requires you to stand on a platform that shakes your entire body, firing muscle activity needed to keep your balance. When doing this workout, you burn more calories than when standing still.

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Manufacturers admit that the variations in the number of calories you burn while using a vibration machine depend on a range of variables, including your original basal metabolic rate, your age and gender, and the other movements you engage in while standing on the platform. Generally, though, a 10-minute vibration session burns about as many calories as a six- to 10-minute walk, or about 47 calories for the average 150-lb. person walking at 4 mph.


A 175-pound person would burn closer to 54 calories in the same session, while a 200-pound person would burn about 62 calories.


Vibration machines can help to reduce abdominal fat while building lean muscle mass, states Dirk Vissers, a physiotherapist at the Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium, according to a May 2008 article in "Science Daily." Since muscles burn more calories than fat, even at rest, the workouts can lead to additional weight loss when combined with other exercises and a low-calorie diet.


In addition to the few extra calories you burn standing on the vibrating platform, a vibration workout can help to improve your balance, boost bone density and improve muscle strength.

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