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The number of pull ups a man can do relies on varies factors.
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Pull-ups are an exercise traditionally used to measure upper body strength and endurance. The average number of pull-ups a man can do typically depends on his current age.


The pull-up is performed by gripping an elevated straight bar with an overhand grip and pulling up so that your chin is at bar level. strengthen and improve the physique of your back, biceps and forearms when used for exercise. Always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen.

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Unfortunately, there aren't pull-up statistics to determine the exact number of pull-ups an average man can perform. This number is influenced by age, overall health and level of fitness.

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Pull-Up Percentiles: Male Youth

Pull-up percentiles are more readily available for youth. According to, the 50th percentile for pull-ups for males at age 10 is just one repetition. This number increases to three repetitions at age 13 and seven repetitions at age 17 and older. In order to hit the 95th percentile at age 17, a young man would need to perform 15 pull-ups. There is no set time-limit — pull-ups are performed consecutively, until exhaustion.

The World Record

The world record holder in number of repetitions in 1 minute is the Vitaly Kulikov from Russia, who performed 59 pull-ups in a scant 60 seconds in 2012. Jan Kares from the Czech Republic holds the record for the most pull-ups performed in 30 minutes, logging 631 repetitions in 2018.

Jan Kares also holds the world record for pull-up repetitions in one hour, hitting 1,120. The record for most pull-ups in 24 hours is held by Nikolai Kaklimov of Russia performed 7,345 pull-ups in 2016.


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Military Pull-Up Percentiles

Military pull-up percentiles and standards depend on branch of service and level of fitness required for the specific assigned duty. Enlistees into the United States Marine Corp must be able to perform at least three pull-ups; however, a score of 50 percent is met with a total of 10 pull-ups completed.


Unlike other military athletic tests such as crunches and the 3-mile run, pull-up tests have no set time limit. Military members undergo a physical fitness assessment once or twice a year, depending on the branch of service, and must fulfill the minimum standards of fitness to remain on active duty.


Tips for Training

According to, there are several ways to improve your ability to perform pull-ups. The site recommends practicing partial-range pull-ups, raising your body only a few inches, then lowering back down.


Negatives also improve pull-up strength. Using assistance, such as a box or jumping up into a pull-up, lower yourself down to the starting position as slowly as possible.

Repetition ladders also improve pull-up performance. The site recommends performing two repetitions, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Increase to three repetitions, then five and 10 repetitions, with each set followed by a 15-second rest period.


Set Your Own Goals

Rather than comparing your performance to that of top athletes, consider competing against yourself. Perform pull-ups to exhaustion and record your result. Retest every few weeks to measure your progress.




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