Side Effects of Taking 1,500 Milligrams of Calcium Daily

Calcium supplements in 1,500 mg doses supply more than the recommended daily allowance of the mineral, reports, but does not exceed the maximum. While getting calcium through food remains the best way to meet requirements, taking supplements can help if your diet falls short. You may use this supplement to bolster your calcium intake, to help keep your teeth and bones strong and to fight deficiencies of this mineral. Seek counsel from your doctor before starting the supplement to ensure you are taking safe dosages and to prevent any interactions with your medicines or worsening of existing health conditions.

Calcium supplement pills.
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Constipation commonly occurs as a side effect of taking calcium 1,500 mg supplements. Although constipation may cause discomfort for a few days, in most cases it will stop as your body gradually acclimates to the calcium supplement. If you do get constipated, try adding lettuce, raw vegetables and other foods with roughage to your diet to help diminish this side effect. Make sure you drink enough water, eight to 10 glasses, each day to promote fluid in your stools. Softening stools occurs when you drink plenty of floods on a daily basis.

Gastric Problems

Sometimes the body's digestive system suffers mild disturbances when taking a new calcium supplement, indicates. Foods you normally consume may not appeal to you if you experience queasiness and vomiting. Even if you do not feel nauseous, your appetite may diminish as a side effect of calcium 1,500 mg. Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter medications to decrease nausea.

Kidney Stones

Taking calcium supplements for an extended period may begin to produce kidney stones, the New York Times Health Guide indicates. The usual dose of calcium is 1,000 to 1,200 mg per day, indicates. Taking more than 1,000 mg of calcium over a long period may contribute to kidney stone development. These tiny stones develop in your kidneys, then can cause extreme pain when they pass through to your bladder and urethra. If you already have had kidney stones, consult your physician for advice about taking calcium 1,500 mg supplements.


Ingesting more than the recommended daily allowance of calcium, especially over time, may cause a serious side effect in your heart, lungs and other soft tissue organs. Calcium may build up and cause calcification of the tissues, meaning it begins to harden, indicates. This makes your heart and lungs strain to perform their functions. Your doctor should keep vigilant about your cardiovascular and respiratory systems if you take calcium 1,500 mg supplements.

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