Is There a Normal Weight for a Height of 5 feet 10 inches?

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The normal weight range for a 5-foot-10 person is from 129 to 174 pounds, according to the World Health Organization. This is based on the Body Mass Index -- BMI -- for normal weight of 18.5 to 24.99, and calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. BMI is commonly used in studies on body weight because it's much easier to get BMI data than fat percentage, which is hard to measure accurately.

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What Weight Is Healthy

BMI doesn't take fat and muscle composition into account, so a very muscular 200-pound, 5-foot-10 man would be considered overweight, but could still be healthy and physically fit. A study by Finkelstein et al. showed that a BMI in the overweight range -- 25 to 29.99 -- does not lower life expectancy and may slightly raise it. BMIs beyond the overweight range -- 30 and above -- are considered to be living with obesity, which can lead to decreased life expectancy. People who are underweight -- having a BMI below 18.5 -- were also found to be at health risk. What increases life expectancy is regular exercise, according to the American Heart Association. Exercise builds muscle and burns fat, and helps to keep your weight in the normal, healthy range.



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