How to Exercise Forearms Without Equipment

Push ups are a great workout for the forearms.
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Pro tip: You can perform killer forearm workouts without weights. That's right; you don't need dumbbells, barbells or any other equipment to stretch or exercise the forearm. There are a number of workouts and stretches that you can do equipment free.


Anatomy of the Forearm

A December 2018 paper published by StatPearls describes the forearm as the upper extremity that runs from the elbow to the wrist. It consists of two bones: the radius and ulna and has two compartments: the flexors and extensors.

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The flexors bend the fingers and wrist while the extensors move the wrist backward and straighten the fingers. The forearm muscles move the wrist, elbow, forearm and fingers.


Forearm Workouts Without Weights

When working out the forearm, there's no need for all the bells and whistles, or rather, there's no need for the dumbbells. There are plenty of forearm workouts without weights that you can try at the gym, home or even the office.

Some of the most common forearm workouts are push-ups and push-up variations. In addition to working the chest, legs, abdomen and hips, they also work the arms. There are also several stretches you can do to exercise your forearms. These stretches come in handy at the office where you may experience soreness in your wrist, forearms and hands from working on the computer all day.


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Push-Up Variations

Planks and push-ups work the whole body including the forearm, and there's absolutely no equipment required. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) describes how to do a push-up, as well as variations on the push-up:


  • Push-Up: Place your hands flat on the floor, with your hands about shoulder-width apart, your shoulders directly over your hands. Bring your feet together behind you pointing your toes toward your shins and stiffen your body, keeping your core steady. Lower your body, allowing your chest or chin to touch the floor. Let your elbows bend outward. Keeping your body stiff, push upward through your arms. Press until your arms are fully extended.
  • Bent-Knee Push-Up: ACE explains how to do a variation of a push-up, called the bent knee push-up. Begin in push-up position, except keep your knees down instead of raised. Hands should be flat on the mat, shoulder-width apart. In the downward phase, lower your body toward the floor, keeping it rigid. On the upward phase, press up through your arms.



  • Push-Up With Hip Abduction: Start in plank position with your arms slightly wider than your shoulders. Lift your right leg and shift it to the side. Do a push-up while holding your right leg out to the side. ACE recommends switching sides after six to eight repetitions.

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No Equipment Forearm Stretches

When it comes to forearm training, no weights are required. And that includes forearm stretches. delineates four forearm stretches you can do without any equipment:


  • Praying: Place your palms together in front of your body and point your fingers toward your neck. Lower your hands away from your body until your wrists separate.
  • Seated: Sit on the floor with your palms on the floor, face down, fingers pointing back. Lean back with your arms straight and hold the stretch.
  • Single Arm: With your palms facing down, hold the underside of your fingers with your opposite hand and straighten your elbow. Repeat with the opposite arm.


  • Kneeling Wrist Flexor Stretch: Kneel on the floor or mat and situate your palms on the floor with your fingers pointed toward your knees. Shift your body back, while your elbows are straightened. Hold this position.




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