Side Effects of Hydromet Syrup

Hydromet is a brand name for a prescription cough syrup that contains the antimuscarinic homatropine and the narcotic hydrocodone bitartrate. The use of homatropine in the syrup helps prevent people from deliberately taking too much of the narcotic. The synthetic opioid hydrocodone bitartrate acts to suppress your cough. Because of its narcotic qualities, hydrocodone bitartrate also can lessen pain associated with a cough or other symptoms. You may develop side effects from using Hydromet syrup.

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Mental Side Effects

Hydromet syrup usage has the potential to produce some serious side effects, including some that can change your normal mental state. You may experience thoughts you normally would not have, and you may exhibit abnormal behavior that people around you may notice even if you do not. The medication also can induce a state of anxiety when you normally would not feel anxious. You may become afraid without apparent cause. You may even experience hallucinations, the University of Maryland Medical Center states. If you exhibit any of these side effects, you need to end your use of Hydromet and seek medical attention immediately.

Breathing Problems

You may experience other serious side effects from using Hydromet that affect your breathing. You may find it difficult to breathe normally. Your breaths may become shallow or weak. Your breathing may even stop. If you have any trouble breathing normally while taking Hydromet, get to a hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

Urination Difficulties

Taking Hydromet syrup may cause problems with urination. You may experience pain when you attempt to urinate. You may not urinate as much as usual or not urinate at all. These kinds of problems warrant an immediate consultation with your physician or a trip to the emergency room.

Weakness and Lightheadedness

Hydromet also may cause you to feel extremely weak when you take it, as if you can hardly raise yourself from the couch or bed. You may feel very tired because of the medication, too. Hydromet may make you feel as though you will faint or give you a sensation of lightheadedness. If you experience any of these serious side effects, query your doctor immediately and stop using the drug.

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