Ingredients in Coffee Mate

Coffee-mate has few natural ingredients.

Providing 30 ways to add a little pizzazz to your coffee, Coffee-mate non-dairy coffee creamer comes in 23 regular flavors and seven seasonal flavors. Coffee-mate is available in reduced fat, sugar free, liquid and powder forms. Coffee-mate is not a significant source of nutrients and the list of ingredients may have you opting for taking your coffee black.

Concentrated Liquid Coffee-mate

The ingredients found in Coffee-mate liquid concentrate include sugar as the first ingredient, then water and partially hydrogenated oil. When a product states, "partially hydrogenated," it means the oil is a trans fat, which is known to increase the risk of heart disease. Next on the ingredient list are sodium caseinate and propylene glycol. Last but not least, are dipotassium phosphate and polysorbate 60, which help Coffee-mate dissolve in coffee. Coffee-mate also contains sodium stearoyl cactylate, color, natural and artificial flavors and sucralose, a non-nutritive sweetener.


Liquid Coffee-mate

Liquid Coffee-mate comes in six regular and four seasonal flavors as well as fat-free and sugar-free varieties. The basic ingredients include water, with corn syrup solids as the second ingredient. This product also contains the trans fat oil, sodium caseinate, and dipotassium phosphate. All of the Coffee-mate products contain mono and diglycerides, and the flavored varieties contain artificial flavor and carrageenan. Corn syrup solids are essentially cornstarch treated with acids or enzymes. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest- CSPI, corn syrup and corn syrup solids provide no nutritional value except for calories.


Powder Coffee-mate

Powder Coffee-mate comes in 11 flavors including unflavored, sugar-free and fat-free varieties. Coffee-mate Original powder contains corn syrup solids, the trans fat coconut or palm kernel oil, sodium caseinate and dipotassium phosphate which moderates coffee acidity. Next on the list are mono- and diglycerides, emulsifiers that are considered safe for human consumption. Next is sodium aluminosilicate; this ingredient contains sodium, aluminium, silicon and oxygen and is used as an anti-caking agent in foods. Casein is a nutritious protein found in milk. Sodium caseinate, made from casein, is a thickening and whitening agent.


Fat-Free Liquid Coffee-mate

Original Fat-Free liquid Coffee-mate contains the same ingredients as the Original with fat, except for sugar, modified corn starch and color, although it does not state whether it is natural or artificial color and salt. Because fat usually adds flavor, when a product is fat-free, it will often have salt added for flavoring. Dipotassium phosphate, also found in this creamer, is a water-soluble salt used to prevent coagulation in liquid non-dairy creamers.