How to Make Mixed Drinks From Amaretto Liqueur

Spike your coffee with amaretto and add spices and chocolate to taste.
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Amaretto is a smooth liqueur that can be mixed with juice, soda, coffee or other liquors.This sweet, amber-colored mixer hails from Saronno, Italy. It is known as an almond-flavored liqueur, but is in fact made largely from apricot kernels, which have an almond-like scent. Serve it by itself, neat or on the rocks, or as a sweet addition to a mixed drink.

Amaretto and Soda

Step 1

Pour one shot of amaretto into a highball glass filled with large ice cubes.

Step 2

Fill the glass to the top with cola or club soda.

Step 3

Cut two wedges of lime. Squeeze one in the drink and use the other as garnish.

Sweet, Strong Coffee

Step 1

Brew a cup of hot, strong coffee or espresso.

Step 2

Add a shot of amaretto into the cup.

Step 3

Pour in a shot of your preferred liquor to the cup as well, such as Kahlua, Sambuca, brandy, Baileys or crème de cacao.

Step 4

Top with whipped cream, cinnamon, clove and allspice.

Fruity Fun

Step 1

Fill a cocktail shaker half way with ice.

Step 2

Pour two shots of amaretto into the shaker.

Step 3

Pour one shot of sweet and sour mix or lime into the shaker.

Step 4

Shake ingredients together well.

Step 5

Rim a glass in sugar by running a cut lime across the entire rim and then dipping the rim into a plate covered in sugar.

Step 6

Strain the liquid content of the cocktail shaker into a glass filled with ice.

Step 7

Garnish with maraschino cherries or a slice of orange or lime.


Try mixing other liquors, such as Baileys and cognac or vodka or scotch, with amaretto and serving over ice for a strong drink meant for sipping on.

Amaretto is used in many holiday-themed drinks such as the Shamrock Shaker, a combination of amaretto, Shochu, Kahlua, milk and green tea powder.

Play around with a variety of juice, sodas and other mixers to find your perfect drink combination.


The sweetness of amaretto often masks the alcoholic flavor. Drink in moderation.