How to Cook or Heat Fully Frozen Cooked Chicken Wings

There’s nothing like hot, crispy chicken wings to spice up a party.
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There's nothing like hot, crispy chicken wings to spice up a party. If you're using frozen chicken wings instead of fresh wings, here are some tips to help you cook them. Ready-made wings, like PC Chicken Wings, have cooking instructions that you can follow.

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Cooking Frozen Chicken Wings

Follow these steps to cook frozen chicken wings in the oven. If you like, you can bake the chicken wings with cornstarch to make them extra crispy. If you don't want to bake the chicken wings with cornstarch, just skip that step.

  • Safely thaw the chicken wings: If you want to thaw the wings, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends doing it in the refrigerator, in the microwave or under cold water. Don't leave them out on the counter to thaw since that could give harmful bacteria a chance to contaminate the meat. Thawing the meat is optional; if you don't have the time to thaw it, just take it out of the freezer when you're ready to cook it.
  • Coat the wings with cornstarch: If you want to bake the chicken wings with cornstarch to make them crispy, mix cornstarch with a pinch of salt and coat the chicken wings with the mixture.
  • Bake until crispy: Arrange the wings on a greased baking dish and bake them in a preheated oven until they are crispy. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, all poultry, including chicken wings, should cross a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by a food thermometer to be considered safe for consumption.
  • Clean down the kitchen: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your dishes and countertops with hot soapy water after you're done cooking to help prevent cross-contamination, which could result in food poisoning.

Ready-made wings like PC Chicken Wings have cooking instructions that can be followed as is; the wings are already seasoned and come with a dipping sauce, so you don't have to do much. PC Chicken Wings' cooking instructions usually require you to bake them in the oven.

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Keeping Chicken Wings Healthy

The USDA lists the nutrition information for plain chicken wings that have only salt and no other ingredients; a 4-ounce serving offers 190 calories, 18 grams of protein, 13 grams of fat and 110 milligrams of cholesterol. In terms of micronutrients, it offers 190 milligrams of potassium, 220 milligrams of sodium and 12.4 milligrams of calcium.

Try to opt for plain wings as often as possible; wings that already have sauces and flavorings tend to have a lot of added sugar, salt and calories. Instead, you're better off making your own sauce to serve with the wings. Using homemade sauce means you know exactly what's in it, and you can use healthy ingredients as often as possible.

One option is to serve the wings with a barbecue sauce that uses strawberries as a sweetener instead of sugar, per a recipe listed on To make the sauce, blend together sliced strawberries, unsweetened ketchup, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, smoked paprika, ground black pepper and Cayenne pepper. Once blended, simmer the mixture over the stove on medium heat for about five minutes.

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