Side Effects of 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein

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Six Star Muscle Whey Protein is a protein-rich sports nutrition supplement intended to help support weightlifting and other forms of intense exercise. This product is intended for use by bodybuilders and strength-training athletes, but it may be beneficial for anyone who exercises regularly. Six Star Muscle Whey Protein comes in five flavors and is a good source of whey protein. While this supplement can be beneficial, there are potential side effects of which you should be aware. Consult a doctor prior to using any supplements.

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Liver Complications

Six Star Muscle Whey Protein is high in protein because that nutrient is involved in the growth and repair of muscle cells. However, too much protein can be detrimental. Each scoop of 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein contains 26 g of protein, and the manufacturer recommends mixing one or two scoops with milk up to four times daily. If you use two scoops with 8 oz. of skim milk per serving, you'd consume 240 g of protein from this supplement alone, nearly five times the daily suggested intake of 50 g. According to registered dietitian Katherine Zeratsky, too much protein can damage your liver or exacerbate existing liver issues.


Increased Cholesterol

One of the major benefits of exercise is that it can help decrease your risk of heart disease. However, 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein may detract from this benefit. Each scoop of this supplement provides 55 mg of cholesterol, which is about 18 percent of the daily suggested limit of 300 mg. However, if you use the daily recommended four servings, you'd consume 220 mg to 440 mg of cholesterol, depending on how many scoops you use per serving. High cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart disease.

Muscle Strains

Six Star Muscle Whey Protein contains creatine, which is intended to boost strength, but can have serious side effects, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. These can include "weight gain, muscle cramps, muscle strains and pulls, stomach upset, diarrhea, dizziness, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction, and kidney damage" if taken in large doses for prolonged periods.



Although exercise can help you feel better, using 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein may actually make you feel worse, as nausea is a potential side effect. Soy lecitihin, which is used as an emulsifying ingredient, may cause nausea, and creatine may also upset your stomach. Lastly, if you are lactose intolerant, you may experience nausea from using 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein, as whey is a dairy product and contains lactose.

Loss of Appetite

If you are using 6 Star Muscle Whey Protein to gain muscle, you'll want to drink it as part of a high-calorie diet so you can supply your body with enough calories to grow. However, some ingredients in the product may be detrimental to this pursuit, as soy lecithin may cause a decreased appetite. Additionally, research from the October 2010 issue of "The British Journal of Nutrition" indicates that whey protein suppresses appetite more than whole food protein sources.


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