What Are the Side Effects of Grenade Fat Burner?

Grenade Fat Burner may help improve your physique, but there is a risk of side effects.

Grenade Fat Burner is a dietary supplement intended to promote weight and fat loss and intensify your workouts. Grenade contains a blend of stimulants such as caffeine and some herbal extracts, including bitter orange. While Grenade Fat Burner may help you reach your goals, there are potential side effects. Consult a doctor prior to using Grenade or any other supplements and discontinue its use if you experience adverse effects.


Increased Anxiety

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One of the major ingredients in Grenade Fat Burner is green tea extract. While green tea extract may be helpful in promoting fat metabolism, it can also promote increased anxiety, and the University of Maryland Medical Center advises against using green tea products if you have anxiety. Grenade Fat Burner also contains caffeine, another ingredient that may promote anxiety.

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Another primary ingredient in Grenade Fat Burner is phenylalanine, an amino acid. Your body cannot manufacture this amino acid on its own, but the amino acid is involved in the production of some brain chemicals. Unfortunately, phenylalanine can also cause seizures if you have a genetic disorder known as phenylketonuria, or PKU.


Using Grenade Fat Burner may cause you to experience feelings of nervousness or anxiety. This is because Grenade Fat Burner contains caffeine, which may induce anxiety. The University of Maryland Medical Center also recommends avoiding green tea if you already experience anxiety.



Grenade Fat Burner contains bitter orange, an herbal extract that may promote weight loss but may also cause you to faint, according to the National Institutes of Health. The NIH advises against combining bitter orange with caffeine, but both ingredients are present in Grenade Fat Burner.

Cardiovascular Complications

Grenade Fat Burner may cause adverse effects on your heart, as the National Institutes of Health reports that stroke and heart attack from bitter orange have occurred. The NIH suggests that combining bitter orange with caffeine may exacerbate this effect.




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