How to Shrink Your Waist Fast

Waist fat increases your risk for serious health issues, such as colorectal cancer, Type 2 diabetes and stroke. If you want to shrink your waist fast, you can't focus on spot training. You need to increase fat burning through cardio activity, strength training and diet modifications. Together, these changes will help you shrink your waist quickly.

Step 1

Select your fat loss goal. The fastest fat loss recommended is 2 lbs. weekly, recommends MedlinePlus. To accomplish this goal, you will need to burn 1,000 daily calories through dietary changes and increased activity. For example, you might burn 400 calories with exercise and reduce your calorie intake by 600.


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Step 2

Complete vigorous activity. Vigorous activity helps you burn calories quicker. For example, walking burns only 298 calories an hour for a 1 lb. person. However, select jogging and burn 598 calories an hour. Other activities that shed high amounts of calories include playing racquetball, jumping rope and hiking.

Step 3

Use an interval training approach. If burning waist fat with vigorous activity is too difficult, an interval training approach will help. Start out with a moderate activity, like walking. After a few minutes, rotate to a vigorous type of activity, such as jogging. Continue rotating between the two activities during your workout session.


Step 4

Tone your waist with the "squat with twist" exercise. Start out in a standing position. With your feet spread about shoulder-width apart, lower into a squat. At the bottom of your squat, contract your core muscles and twist to your left. Return to your starting position and repeat eight to 12 times on each side of your body. You need at least two strength-training sessions weekly.

Step 5

Revamp your diet. Select foods that contain fewer calories and allow you to feel satisfied. For example, fruits, vegetables and whole-grains are high in fiber, which take longer to digest. Also, switch to low-fat versions of your favorite dairy products and lean protein.


Don’t work your core muscles two days in a row. Doing this doesn’t allow enough time for muscle healing.


Discuss your desire to shrink your waist fast with your doctor. She will assist with setting safe goals for reducing your waist size.