My Newborn's Poop Looks Like Seeds

Seeing seeds in breastfed babies' stool is normal.
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It is natural to be worried about your newborn's bodily functions. A newborn's stool changes in her initial days of life and varies depending on what she eats and what Mom eats if she's breastfeeding. Breastfed babies' bowel movements contain what look like tiny seeds -- and this is completely normal. If you ever have any questions or concerns about what is in your newborn's diaper, talk to a pediatrician.



Your newborn passes meconium from his intestines in the first few days. Meconium, thick and sticky like tar, is greenish-black. The first meconium poop usually happens within 24 hours of birth and lasts about two to four days. Meconium has nothing to do with your newborn's diet but comprises things your newborn stored in his intestines while in the womb, like skin cells. Once meconium has passed, you will begin to notice transitional bowel movements in his diaper that are greenish and less sticky than meconium.


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Breastfed Newborns

If you breastfeed your baby, it is normal for her poop to be yellow, brown or green, seedy and loose or pasty. The stool doesn't smell like a normal bowel movement but has little odor – and can even be sweet smelling. Particles that look like seeds are milk curds. There will be differing amounts of milk curds in each diaper depending on digestion. It is normal for a newborn to go at least five times a day or even after each feeding. This is because breast milk digests faster than formula.


Formula-Fed Newborns

If you feed your baby formula, it is normal for his poop to be yellowish-brown to brown, to have a peanut butter or pudding-like consistency and to smell more like a traditional bowel movement. A formula-fed baby has a dirty diaper three to four times each day. It is not unheard of to see seeds in a formula-fed baby's poop, but notify his pediatrician to evaluate his diet.


Red Streaks

Noticing what looks like seeds in your newborn's diaper is normal but seeing red streaks in the diaper or on bowel movements is not. Red streaks may indicate bleeding and should be brought to a pediatrician's attention immediately. The bleeding may be related to something in Baby or Mom's diet; for example, either may have sensitivity to dairy products.




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