Frequent Urination and B12

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Chronic irregularities in the body are sometimes related to nutritional deficiencies of some kind. That can be the case when you are experiencing frequent urination; the condition sometimes results from a lack of the vitamin B12. Talk to you doctor about your frequent urination.


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Vitamin B12 Function

Vitamin B12 is critical to DNA synthesis and other bodily processes. You can get B12 by eating fish, meat, eggs and many dairy products; the vitamin is stored in proteins and is stripped when the protein is broken down by hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is water-soluble, so you should eat it or take it as a supplement with water. Talk to your doctor before taking a B12 supplement.


Vitamin Deficiency Anemia

Frequent urination is a common symptom of vitamin deficiency anemia, which is a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12. This usually results from the body's inability to adequately store the vitamin. It is possible that vitamin B12 plays a role in many other conditions, including Alzheimer's, breast cancer, cervical cancer, cognitive function and depression. According to the Mayo Clinic website, more research is needed to understand vitamin B12's role in these conditions.


Taking Vitamin B12 Supplements

You can treat frequent urination by taking vitamin B12 supplements until your condition normalizes. Take up to 2,000 mcg daily if you are vitamin deficient or suffering from anemia as long as frequent urination and other symptoms persist. You should also get natural dietary sources of the vitamin. Do not medicate yourself until you understand the cause of your condition, and take supplements only under the direction of your doctor.



Vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely rare. According to the Mayo Clinic website, the human liver stores several years' worth of vitamin B12. Deficiencies usually result from an inability to use the vitamin, rather than an inability to obtain or retain the vitamin through your diet. This condition is more likely if you are elderly or are HIV-positive. While some people suffer from only temporary bouts of frequent urination due to vitamin B12 deficiency, others may require permanent use of B12 supplements. Also be aware that there are many other causes of frequent urination than a vitamin B12 deficiency, so frequent urination does not necessarily indicate that your body is lacking in the nutrient.