How to Cook Frozen Kale

Kale growing in a garden.
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Kale provides a sturdy green suitable for cooked dishes. It's often used as a substitute for spinach in side dishes, casseroles and soups. Kale is most readily available fresh in spring and fall, but frozen kale is available year-round. Keeping a bag or two in the freezer ensures you always have it available when a recipe calls for kale. Frozen kale only works well in cooked dishes. Cook the kale straight from the freezer before serving it or adding it to your favorite recipes.

Step 1

Place 1 cup of water in the pot for every 2 cups of frozen kale. Dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in each cup of water.


Step 2

Cover the pot with a lid. Heat the water on medium high until it comes to a rapid boil.

Step 3

Immerse the kale in the boiling water. Cover the pot and allow the water to return to a full boil.

Step 4

Boil the kale for eight to 12 minutes, or until it's heated throughout and tender, but still bright green in color.

Step 5

Drain the kale in a colander at the end of the cooking time. Avoid leaving it in the hot water, as it continues to cook and may become overdone if not quickly drained.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot with lid

  • Salt

  • Colander


Boil the frozen kale in broth instead of water. Serve it in the broth for a light, flavorful soup.