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Muscle milk is a supplement.
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Muscle Milk is a supplement product made by the company CytoSport. It contains a variety of proteins and lipids to help burn fat and produce muscle. Each serving contains 32 grams of protein and 348 calories. According to the manufacturer, Muscle Milk is best used during and after a workout to help promote muscle growth and aid with recovery. Keep in mind that none of the effects claimed by the manufacturer of Muscle Milk have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Step 1

Purchase the Muscle Milk concentrated powder. The ready-to-drink version costs more and has the same nutritional values as the concentrate. Flavor choices include strawberry banana, vanilla, mocha latte, chocolate mint chip and peanut butter chocolate. You can buy the product through nutritional retailers like GNC.

Step 2

Add two scoops of the concentrate to a blender. Add 10 ounces of water and blend. If you want a thicker consistency and a higher number of nutrients, use fat-free milk instead. You can hand-mix the powder and liquid if you don't have a blender handy. Stir until all the powder has dissolved.

Step 3

Prepare a shake to drink during your workout. Your first serving of Muscle Milk should occur during your workout, according to the makers of the product. They claim the growth nutrients found in the shake can help optimize your workout sessions. Sip the drink along with water during exercise.

Step 4

Keep muscle breakdown at a minimum by having another serving immediately after you exercise, per the Muscle Milk usage instructions. If you are unable to prepare the shakes beforehand, you can use the ready-to-drink Muscle Milk beverage instead.

Step 5

Drink your last serving of Muscle Milk before bed, per the manufacturer. As your body fasts during the night, it can break down muscle tissue and use it for energy. Drinking Muscle Milk prior to sleep prevents this from occurring, reports the manufacturer.

Things You'll Need

  • Muscle Milk concentrate

  • Blender


Muscle Milk does contain milk and soy ingredients. Avoid the product if you are allergic to these items.

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