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High School Baseball Tryout Tips

Trying out for the high school baseball team can be the biggest moment of the year for some athletes. Not everyone who tries out i...

Left-Handed Cricket Batting Tips

Left-handed batsmen have been among the most productive and stylish batsmen in the history of cricket, and the number of left-hand...

What Are the Dimensions of a Batting Cage?

Baseball stars show off their skills under the bright lights, but they most definitely honed those skills with hours of work in th...

Official Wiffle Ball Rules

The Wiffle ball, made of lightweight perforated plastic, was designed in 1953 to be used in backyards, city streets and even indoo...

Tee Ball Baseball Drills

Although tee ball games are fun for both players and coaches, baseball skill development during practices is just as important, if...

Fun Baseball Drills

Baseball is a fun game, but your players may consider practice drills, designed to teach them the fundamentals of the game through...

How to Make Your Own Baseball Pitchback

One of the most effective aids for baseball workouts is called a pitchback. This system helps players of all ages hone fundamental...

How to Determine the Right Size T-Ball Ball for a Child

Children, ages 4 to 8, play T-ball, which is similar to baseball, with some notable differences. There is no pitching in T-ball. T...

How to Play Over-the-Line Baseball

Over-the-line is a baseball variant invented in southern California. The game is designed for two teams of three or four players e...

What Types of Equipment Are Used for Cardiovascular Endurance?

Various types of equipment are available for cardiovascular endurance and conditioning. They each offer a unique method of enduran...
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