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Nestle Hot Chocolate Calories

Nestle started business with infant Carnation milk in Switzerland in 1867, according to the Nestle website. The company soon expan...

Nutrition in Carob Vs. Chocolate

Carob is frequently used as a substitute for chocolate because it can be made to taste and look similar to chocolate. Additionally...

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Nutrition Information

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate is a brand of instant hot chocolate made from dark European cocoas. Depending on your nutritional needs o...

Cocoa Powder Health Benefits

Many people crave chocolate and avoid it because they are under the impression that it is fattening and unhealthy. Although a lot ...

Cocoa Nibs Nutrition Information

Eat cocoa nibs to get all of the benefits of adding chocolate to your diet without any of the drawbacks of sugar. The intense flav...

Can You Be Allergic to Cocoa?

Although health professionals do not deny the possibility of a cocoa allergy, they do suggest it occurs only rarely. The American ...

Nutrition Facts for Hot Chocolate Drinks

A warm mug of hot chocolate is a tasty treat after spending time outdoors in cold or snowy weather, but you may interested to lear...

Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder Vs. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

The type of cocoa powder you use in a recipe can have a big effect on how it turns out, especially if you use the wrong kind. Coco...

Malt-O-Meal vs. Oatmeal

In 1877, oatmeal became the first breakfast cereal in the U.S. with a registered trademark, granted to Quaker Oats Company. By 191...

10 Twists on Hot Chocolate That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Twists on Hot Chocolate That Will Blow Your Mind. Cozying up with a warm cup of hot chocolate is a favorite childhood pastime, ...
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