Dried Fruit

Cape Gooseberry in a plastic package on market
dried cranberries in a bowl
Raisins in a glass
Raisins in wooden bowl
Bowl of dried apricots on wooden table background.
dried blueberries
Dried plums on a dark background in a rustic style.
Soursop fruit on asian market, Philippines
Oatmeal with flax seeds and raisins in a wooden bowl
lot of prunes in transparent glass bowl
Nuts and dried fruits
baking process

How to Flavor Cakes

Dried apple rings
Plum juice
Dried kiwi fruit

Glycemic Index of Prunes

Dried banana fruit
Organic Red Dried Cranberries
Healthy food - Dried organic fruits
dried banana chips
dried Fruits, Nut honey, top view, flat lay
close-up of three dried prunes

Vitamins in Prunes

Fresh ripe fruit at the market
Nuts and dried fruits mixed
Dehydrated and dried mango chips in white bowl. Close up.