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Grass Carp Fishing Tips

Grass carp, also known as white amur, are a type of Asian minnow that can reach up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. An i...

Tips for a Surf Fishing Rig

While saltwater fishing is usually thought of being done from a boat, surf fishing from shore can produce a range of saltwater gam...

Types of Fishing Worms

Worms are common bait for fishing, and there are hundreds of species you can use. Many worms are larvae of moths or beetles, but t...

Best Bass Baits for Early Summer Fishing

In early summer, bass are settling into patterns that they will sustain and are visiting places that they will return to for the n...

Top 10 Crappie Lures

Whether you pronounce crappie as "croppy" or "crappy," your crappie-hunting fishing expedition for the lively,...

The Best Hooks to Use on a Snapper

If you're an angler in search of delicious snapper for dinner -- or you're in it for the bragging rights -- you probably a...

June Bass Fishing Tips

Traditionally, the sweet spot for catching bass is when water temperatures ring in at 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But that doesn&...

Tips on Fishing Hoop Nets

Hoop nets, also known as fyke or barrel nets, have been used for centuries to catch fish. Made of a long tube of netting and held ...

Tips for Striped Bass Fishing in Rivers

Striped bass is a popular game fish that spends most of its life offshore in the ocean. But mature adults of this species migrate ...

Top 10 Walleye Lures

The walleye sporting fish species is legendary for being aggressive feeders. Their large eyes and keen vision equip them for spyin...
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