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Headaches and Migraines

Causes of Headaches in the Back of the Head

Causes of Headaches in the Back of the Head. Headaches in the back of the head may be caused by a variety of ailments and injuries...

Headache Causes in the Home

For some headache sufferers, the one place in which they often assume they are safe--their own home--is actually the site triggeri...

Types of Headaches During Pregnancy

Most women complain of constant and annoying pregnancy headaches. These headaches may occur at any time during the pregnancy, but ...

How Long Does a Migraine Headache Last?

In the middle of a migraine attack, all you want to know is how much longer it's going to last. In a study by Dr. Terayama et al.,...

Headaches From Anger

Anger can damage the human body. A bout of anger lasting mere seconds can lead to both physical and psychological duress. Hormones...

Heat and Headaches

Sunny, warm weather gets you out and about–but it can also be the source of your headache. Throbbing temples can be triggere...

Causes of Pain in the Right Side of the Head

Headaches -- pain in your head -- is a common reason for emergency room visits in the United States. These headaches are caused by...

The Best Sinus Headache Pills

Sinus headaches are the result of sinus inflammation, according to Penn State University. The American Rhinologic Society states t...

Causes of a Headache and Nausea

Headaches accompanied by nausea can be caused by any number of reasons, from brain abnormalities to food sensitivities. The Nation...

Rainy Days & Sinus Pain

When it rains outside, it means that a front is moving through the area, which causes a change in air pressure. The change in air ...
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