Medical Weight Loss Procedures

Illustration of weight-loss surgery success with a person and doctor high-fiving
Shelby Villatoro after gastric bypass surgery and losing over 200 pounds
Tina Minasyan after losing 171 pounds after vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery
Dumbbell gym weights in sports health club
Fresh food being prepared outdoors

Billroth II Post Procedure Diet

Variety of Japanese style vegetables
Woman weighing herself
Tight shirt and small jeans.
Matcha green tea chia seed pudding, dessert with coconut

Food for Gastric Pain

Sugar bowl with sugar cubes next to cup of cappuccino
Woman frying frozen vegetables. Stir fry.
Cranberries and cranberry juice
strawberry smoothie
Boy with lunch sitting in school cafeteria
Bowl of salad with shrimp and vegetables, close-up, part of
Diet concept.
Traditional Greek salad with feta
overweight woman running outdoors
Woman serving salad while standing during party

A Semi-Solid Diet

Strong young man exercising with barbell
weight scale
Woman on exercise machine
Pair of female feet on a bathroom scale
Doctors operating
Doctor removing his gloves
People toasting glasses of wine
Pretty brunette suffering from stomach pain