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The Best Beginner Longboards

To surf you must first be able to catch the wave. This is easiest when on a surfboard that is right for your skill level, size and...

Least Crowded Beaches in Virginia

Virginia’s less-crowded beaches offer the same sun and sand as the state’s destination beaches, like Virginia Beach, w...

How to Build Your Own Indo Board

Balance is essential for skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. When yours is lacking, one way to train your muscles to better s...

Dry Suits vs. Wetsuits

As long as the water temperature stays over 70 degrees, you probably don’t need a special suit to participate in your favori...

How to Get Lean Like a Surfer

To succeed at their sport, surfers need excellent balance, total control of every major muscle group and good aerobic stamina. Sur...

How to Nose Ride in Surfing

To nose ride in surfing, you walk to the tip of your longboard and hold your stance there for the duration of the wave. A basic kn...

What Are the Benefits of Being a Surfer?

When the "kids" shouted "Let's go surfing" in those beach movies from long ago, they were mostly talking a...
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