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Womens Health

Saline Infusions & Sonohysterogram Procedures

Doctors order a saline-infusion sonogram, or SIS -- also known as a sonohysterogram, SHG or water ultrasound -- as a diagnostic to...

Beyond the Checkup

Emergency room doctors blamed Jackie Wright's stomach cramps on a uterine clot, which was not unusual for a woman who had recently...

Medical Tests Every Woman Needs to Be Healthy for Life

Take control of your health with the tests every woman should have done in her 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s....

5 Products That Will Make You Ditch Tampons for Good

It was only a matter of time before tampon alternatives entered the market. Read on to learn about five substitutes and see if any...

Hilarious Mom-Daughter Text Conversation Asks Why ARE Tampons in the Diaper Aisle?

One 13 year old challenges the system and asks the question -- why is it so hard to find the tampon aisle?...

What You're Actually Feeling for During a Breast Self-Exam

Although taking your health into your own hands with a breast self-exam can be overwhelming it's easier than you might think. Here...

Effects of Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is performed by appropriately licensed physicians to end unwanted pregnancies. These procedures are typically pe...

Medications That Could Cause Water Retention

Water retention signifies the accumulation of excess fluid in the body cavities and tissues. This is not a medical condition, but ...

Causes of Water Retention in Hands

The symptom of water retention indicates that fluid is pooling in the tissues of the body. Water retention, also called swelling o...

What Are the Causes of Water Retention in Fingers?

When excess fluid accumulates in the circulatory system or body tissues, it results in swelling. This swelling, also referred to a...
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