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Tips for High School Wrestlers

Wrestling is one of the most popular high school sports among boys in the United States -- with more than 270,000 boys from public...

Personal Training Programs for a High School Wrestler

Wrestling is a challenging sport that requires physical strength, technical prowess, anaerobic endurance and mental fortitude. An ...

Speed Workouts for Collegiate Wrestling

College wrestling is a highly competitive sport that demands excellence in technique, strength and speed to be successful. If you ...

Different Kinds of Wrestling

A form of ancient martial art, wrestling evolved into a sport practiced all around the world. A number of wrestling forms exist, w...

A Biography of the Wrestler Khali

The Great Khali is the stage name of Dalip Singh Rana, a World Wrestling star performer. A mountain of a man, Rana, who stands a r...

Facts About Wrestling & Wrestlers

Wrestling is a traditional grappling sport that involves bringing an opponent to submission through martial techniques such as thr...

Neck Injuries & Stiff Necks in Wrestling

Some sports -- such as soccer -- are contact sports. Others, like football, are collision sports -- they encourage even rougher ph...

High School Wrestling Weight Class Rules

To avoid mismatches, and for obvious safety reasons, amateur wrestlers only face competitors of comparable sizes. As a result, wre...

Judo vs. Greco-Roman Wrestling

Judo vs. Greco-Roman Wrestling. Judo and Greco-Roman wrestling are combat sports that use grappling instead of striking. But, that...

How to Put on a Wrestling Chin Cup

The headgear that wrestlers wear on the mat is more than just a method of looking intimidating -- it's also a safety feature t...
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