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Savory shiitake mushrooms are the star of this protein-packed breakfast taco recipe.
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Breakfast simply tastes better when it's in taco form. These gluten- and dairy-free breakfast tacos are stuffed with fluffy scrambled eggs, creamy avocado slices and roasted shiitake mushrooms that taste and smell like bacon.

How in the world do you get sliced mushrooms to taste like bacon? You toss them with tamari or soy sauce and vitamin E-rich grapeseed oil, then you roast the seasoned mushrooms at high heat until browned and crisp around the edges. These shiitakes taste intensely savory and add an appealing texture to the tacos. (Fun fact: Shiitakes contain many of the same amino acids as meat).

Go ahead and eat a couple of these breakfast tacos — there are just 315 calories and a solid 11 grams of protein in each two-taco serving. Plus, you get heart-healthy monounsaturated fats from the avocado as well as iron, dietary fiber, protein and vitamin C from the shiitakes.

In the recipe, we suggest making gluten- and dairy-free pancakes from a mix and using those in place of tortillas. But if you're more into the real deal, go ahead and use actual tortillas — just make sure they're made from organic heirloom corn, or at the very least buy them from your local Mexican grocer.

Recipe and Nutritional Info: Shiitake Bacon Breakfast Tacos

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