Get Yolk-ed: 3 Egg Recipes to Fuel Your Day

Whether you need pre-workout fuel in the morning, post-workout nourishment or an afternoon pick me up, we think you should pull out the Eggland's Best egg carton and start poaching, boiling and frying.

This mushroom-ricotta toast with a fried Eggland's Best egg is sure to give you sustained energy and keep you feeling full longer.
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Why go for an egg, opposed to, say, a waffle or granola bar? Because eggs are a high protein ingredient that can improve cognitive function throughout the day. And that dose of protein means you'll feel full longer and stay energized, no matter if you're hitting the yoga studio or boxing gym.

Here, we teach you how to make three delicious egg recipes: Easy poached egg avocado toast (12 grams protein), mushroom-ricotta toast with a fried egg (19 grams protein) and egg salad with dipping crackers (19 grams protein). No matter what you're craving, one of these egg recipes is sure to hit the spot.

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