The Best Fitness Subscription Boxes to Treat Yourself Every Month

These are the best fitness subscription boxes to try.
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Do you love crushing tough workouts or taking a restorative yoga class to unwind after a long day at the office? And would you like the latest in workout clothes and gear delivered to you without having to shop for it? Then it might be time to check out a fun, fitness-themed subscription box.


From workout apparel to protein powder to outdoor adventure gear, there are a ton of options to choose from based on your preferred way of staying fit. Here are seven fitness subscription boxes to check out, all of which feature top-quality brands and are valued way over what they cost you.

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Best for the Fashionista: Ellie

If workout clothing style is a priority, check out the Ellie activewear subscription box.
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"Ellie offers three monthly subscriptions all under $50, and there is an outfit for everyone, whether you are all black everything or love a pop of color," says Emily Greenaway, certified personal trainer and instructor at Studio Three in Chicago.

Plus, the outfits can make the transition from your favorite workout class to brunch with your besties. Their activewear is high-quality, lasts a long time and costs $44.95 for a three-piece outfit every month.

"My favorite part is the fact that, at the beginning of the month, you're able to select which outfit you'd like to receive from their monthly collection. If you don't like any of them, you can skip the month and avoid being charged," says Laurice Wardini, founder of ClothedUp, a fashion website. So you get exactly what you want.


Buy it:; Price: $39.95 for two items, $44.95 for three items or $49.95 for five items

Best for the Yogi: Yoga Club

What's your yoga clothing style? Find out with Yoga Club.
Image Credit: Facebook: Yoga Club

Want to know what your yoga clothes style is, according to the pros? Yoga Club offers a style quiz, so they'll tell you what's best for your body and personality based on size, colors, patterns, length (crop or full) and more. "If you are someone that is open to trying new brands and new patterns, this subscription is definitely for you," Greenaway says.



And the options are plentiful. "They offer lovely and high-quality athletic wear for $49 per month, which gets you a 2-piece premium outfit (typically yoga leggings and a top) [and] each outfit is from a name brand and saves up to 50-percent off," says Wardini. Plus they have a "best value guarantee," which will provide a refund if you find a better deal.

Buy it:; Price: $49 per month for two-piece outfit; $59 per month for three pieces


Best for the Fitness Junkie: HIIT Box

Whether you love HIIT or not, you'll still love this box.
Image Credit: Facebook: HIIT Box

Love getting your heart rate up, fueling your body for high-intensity work and looking stylish in HIIT classes? Snag this box. "You'll receive five to seven items per box, from apparel to the newest protein bars. Subscription options from one to six months, all under $50," says Greenaway.


The boxes are worth at least $100, and the company announces monthly winners who receive prizes like vacations or high-end fitness equipment, like a Peloton Bike, she says.

Plus, it's great even if you're not a fan of HIIT. "Overall, this box is a great value and one of my favorites even though I rarely do HIIT," Wardini says. "I love that there's such a variety of items, but at the same time, the items are perfectly curated to mesh together." They also offer free exchanges if an apparel item doesn't fit.


Buy it:; Price: $42/month for six months, $45 for three months and $49 for one month


Best for the Adventure Seeker: Nomadik

Prep for your outdoor adventures with the Nomadik box.
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A great box for the adventure junkie, "this customizable monthly box is filled with items to make sure you are prepared for the outdoors and there are three subscription options all under $35 per month," says Greenaway.


There are tons of goodies to choose from, such as parachute hammocks, fanny packs, hydration kits, water bottles, backpacks and stormproof matches. "They also have monthly outdoor challenges to get you even more pumped up for getting outside," she says.

Boxes start at $29.99 per month but are worth about $60, says Wardini. "They also tailor each box towards your interests gathered through an initial survey," she says.

Buy it:; Price: starting at $29.99 a month

Best for the Health Foodie: Clean.Fit

For the snacking champion, Clean.Fit is a must-have subscription box.
Image Credit:

"This is my favorite fitness-related snack box because they have healthy snacks, superfoods and supplements for any diet. Their regular boxes are $34.95 per month (worth $50+) or the supersize boxes are $59.95 per month for double the snacks (worth $75+)," says Wardini.


Although it might seem a little expensive for simple snacks, they often include full-size products that last longer than you might think, like nut butter, seasonings and supplements, so you don't need to worry about consuming your snacks all at once. Plus, it's a great way to try out new products and brands, she says.

Buy it:; Price: $34.95/month for regular, $59.95/month for double

Best for Protein Lovers: Gainful

Get protein powder made just for you.
Image Credit: Facebook: Gainful

"For $39 per month, you receive a protein powder entirely customized towards your body type and health goals," says Wardini. You fill out a detailed quiz that asks your current weight, goal weight, how often you work out and various other questions.

Once the quiz is finished, they give you your own customized protein, including all ingredients and nutritional information, and you can make changes as you like. "I love that they offer protein to fit any diet including vegan, gluten-free, keto, etc. Plus, pricing is pretty similar to protein powders found in health food stores," she says.

Buy it:; Price: $39 a month

Best for Women: BarBella Box

If you're a woman who loves to work out, BarBella is your ideal subscription box.
Image Credit:

This subscription does an excellent job of curating their boxes to make sure you're getting everything you need as an active woman for a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellness.

"For $49.99 per month, you receive $100+ value of mixed items tailored towards women only. They typically include one or two apparel items, accessories, snacks, supplements and other gear," says Wardini.

And they don't mess around with what's inside. "Everything I've received from them has been high-quality, fit well and was worth much more than I paid for the box. Plus, I love their focus on women empowerment," she says.

Buy it:; Price: $45 to $49.99 a month



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