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2nd Generation AirPods
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Apple AirPods are the best Black Friday deal to transform your workout playlist.
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There's nothing like a good playlist to get your workout vibes flowing. But you can't just tune in with any ol' device — the buds you buy matter.


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After all, an awesome workout playlist deserves the best workout headphones.

Have a product in mind? I'd bet it's a crisp, white pair of Apple AirPods. And if you haven't scored yours yet, there's no time like Black Friday — because, let's face it, AirPods don't go on sale all that often.


For this year's Black Friday Airpods sale, you can get 2nd generation Apple AirPods for $119 (that's $40 off!) on both Amazon and Best Buy. Plus, you can add on AppleCare+ insurance for just $29 if you want two years of extra protection.

Bonus: They're on sale early, so you order them now and have them in time for your turkey trots.


Or, if you want to an even steeper upgrade, Best Buy is selling the Airpods Pro for $189.99, down from $249.99. These are Black Friday-guaranteed, meaning if they somehow go down even further in price on or before Black Friday, Best Buy will refund you the difference.

While these Back Friday Airpods sales are pretty great, paying $100-plus for earbuds is still an investment. So what makes these so outstanding? Throughout a grueling 45-minute burpee/box-jump workout, I was able to listen to my favorite Eminem playlist (yes, I have several) with zero earbud readjustments.


As someone who considers music a workout must-have, sound quality is a big deal for me. There's nothing more motivating than a heavy bass line to amp me up for a deadlift. Although over-the-ear headphones take the trophy for sound quality, they're not usually workout-friendly. The Apple AirPods are the perfect middle ground: The sound quality rivals studio-style headphones, while providing cordless convenience.

If you're struggling to stay focused during your workout, the AirPods just might do the trick. They cancel noise around you, and they have a 5-hour battery life (though you hopefully won't be working out that long on the regular). They even have built-in voice assistance so you can order your post-workout meal without putting your dumbbells down.

Not convinced yet? On Amazon, the AirPods have more than 380,000 five-star reviews.

Sure, you can certainly wait until the calendar hits November 26, but why not snatch up a pair right now? The Black Friday AirPods sales are already underway!

2nd Generation AirPods

Buy; ​Price:​ $119

Buy; ​Price:​ $119.99

AirPods Pro

Buy; ​Price:​ $189.99

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