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TIY hair ties come in easy-to-pack containers with tons of different colors.

I love routine and I absolutely adore rituals — especially before I train. After eating my daily breakfast bowl of oatmeal, doing my hair is the most important (and creative) part of my routine.


And given that I often go from a ballet class to a run or a bike ride to a swim, I need to make sure my hair stays perfectly in place and out of my face. While I've tried practically each and every hair tie on the market, none come close to TIY's products.

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Features and Functionality

What makes these hair ties so unique? Well, TIY stands for "tie it yourself," meaning you get to literally make your own hair tie. Allow me to elaborate: TIY hair ties come coiled up in a round plastic container. You pull out as much of the band as you'd like, press the button on the side of the container and cut the band. Then, you tie both ends in a knot to create your hair tie.

In my opinion, the beauty behind this brand lies in inclusivity. Anyone who has used a standard hair tie knows that different sizes are better suited for different hair lengths, thicknesses and styles. So, if you have fine, straight strands or a curly mane or anything in between, you can make TIY work with your style.

That's also what makes these bands so good for all kinds of hairstyles. I love wearing a french braid while I run or cycle, so I can tie the band into a tiny loop for the tail end of my hair. But for my ballet class, a prim and perfect bun is part of the uniform. Luckily, each container comes with a long band, so you can get several hair ties out of one package.


Another thing I love? TIY's website guides you on how many loops you need per hair tie. For instance, if you have thicker hair, three loops are recommended. Or, if you're planning to wear a ballerina bun, two is probably ideal. On the product page, you can click the size chart and take a personalized quiz to get an idea of your perfect length.

I'm a huge fan of the color variety, too. You can choose from 13 different colors — my favorites are the electric pink and sand shades.


Get Your Own TIY Hair Ties

Ever since I started using TIY hair ties, I haven't looked back. In fact, you can find a band in pretty much any purse, gym bag, drawer or jacket pocket in my home.

But don't take my word for it. After all, there's a reason so many athletes swear by TIY hair ties — they get the job done.


Ready to hit your workout, dance class or grocery trip without a hair out of place? Time to retire your sad old scrunchies and stock up on your new favorite hair tie.

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