The Best Running Shoe to Use With Orthotics

Close up of runners and their running shoes.
Image Credit: warrengoldswain/iStock/Getty Images

The need for orthotics doesn't have to sideline your running regimen. Finding the running shoes most adaptable to them also doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. In fact, a basic tennis shoe should do the job.

Cushioning & Size

Orthotics should only be inserted into a neutral shoe according to "Fitness" magazine. A neutral shoe, like a tennis shoe, has cushioning that allows the foot to follow its natural movement with no raised surfaces for the arch. This allows the orthotic to serve its function without being altered by additional padding. An orthotic in a shoe with built-in stability features may not allow the foot full freedom of movement according to the magazine. The shoe also needs to be large enough to hold the orthotic. That means the wearer could have to buy a shoe a half-size larger than usual to accommodate a full-length orthotic, according to the New York Daily New's Running Doc. However, the shoe must not be so large that it's loose around the ankles or sacrifices stability.



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