The Best Running Shoes for Ankle Support

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Picking the correct running shoe is important if you want the proper support and stability for your feet and ankles. The good news is that most manufacturers these days make shoes for all kinds of needs, including some that provide extra support or stability.

"Shoes provide all kinds of cushioning and support," said Anthony Wall, director of professional education for the American Council on Exercise. "If you have the wrong shoe and an unnatural gait, it could affect your ankle."

The goal, Wall said, is to find a shoe that supports your natural gait.

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Asics GT 3000

With its Impact Guidance System, the Asics GT 3000 is worth a look when you also want extra support. It has an Exoskeletel heel that provides that support and a support system that enhances stability and support. A layer of foam is intended to stabilize the foot. It costs about $130.

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