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Cut calories by more than half if you use Sprite Zero in your cocktail instead of regular Sprite.

Vodka is sometimes flavored; it can be made from wheat, barley or another substance. Regardless of the type of vodka, it is often mixed with soda rather than consumed straight. Sprite is a citrus-flavored soda that is used in vodka cocktails.


A 1.5-oz. serving of vodka is 100 calories, according to the Nutrient Facts website. The calories will vary -- though not by much -- depending on the brand and the ingredients used as a base for the vodka.


The Coca-Cola Company, makers of Sprite, indicates that a 12-oz. can of the soda has 140 calories. It also contains 38 g of sugar.


If you mix together a 1.5-oz. shot of vodka with 4.5 oz. of Sprite, you would have a 6-oz.cocktail that is 152 calories.

Sprite Zero

If you are looking to cut calories on a vodka & Sprite cocktail, consider Sprite Zero. As suggested by the name, there is no sugar and no calories in this soda. A 6-oz. vodka & Sprite cocktail made with Sprite Zero is only 100 calories.

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