The Calories in California Rolls & Avocado Rolls

When eaten in moderation, sushi can be a healthy meal -- generally low in calories and fat. Sushi is made by wrapping rice and seaweed sheets around a variety of fillings. A California roll typically contains imitation crab, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds, while an avocado roll contains only avocado. To reduce the carbohydrates, try sushi without rice, which makes it sashimi.

California rolls on a plate.
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Calories and Salt in Sushi

While the nutritional content may vary with ingredients, a California roll typically contains 255 calories, while an avocado roll gives you 140 calories. A roll is equal to six pieces of sushi, which is a normal serving size. Additionally, each piece of California roll sushi contains 80 milligrams of sodium, meaning that a roll would give you more than a third of the daily recommended intake of 1,500 milligrams of sodium. Eating your sushi with soy sauce will add even more salt. The American Heart Association advises that up to 75 percent of the sodium we consume come from processed foods such as imitation crab and soy sauce.

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