How Many Calories Are in a Salmon Avocado Roll?

Two pieces of a salmon and avocado sushi roll on a white plate with chopsticks.
Image Credit: leightonmiller/iStock/Getty Images

When prepared properly, sushi can offer a variety of nutrients for very few calories. A salmon avocado roll, for example, provides a heap of protein and a dose of healthy fats from both the salmon and the avocado for 304 calories per roll. You need to practice portion control to keep your sushi dinner healthy, however.

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Keeping Calories in Control

At 304 calories per roll -- or six pieces -- a salmon avocado roll won't derail your diet. If you add a second roll, however, you double the number of calories you take in, so stick to just one. To round out your meal, add a light miso soup and seaweed salad. To further ensure you're making a healthy choice, pick a roll that has just salmon, avocado, rice and nori. Any spicy sauces made with mayo can add 100 calories to a roll, while tempura -- which is fried -- can also add a significant number of calories.